According to Vaastu What Does Ganesha’s Trunk placed Right exemplify?

Ganesha's trunk 6

Ganesha’s Idol is considered the most auspicious for homes and temples. According to the Hindu religion, offering prayers to Lord Ganesha is part of the rituals. It is mandatory to begin any puja after offering him which is the sacred part of any rituals or prayers. But apart from offerings the portraits, as well as pictures of the Lord, are also kept in the house. As per Vastu it gives a good scope and brings prosperity to the house and the family. The picture or image of God is placed at the entrances, living rooms, or temples. Therefore, the significance of placing the idol also depends on the position and directions. Vastu describes the Idol to have specific features that can bring prosperity to the house. The Ganesha’s trunk is also an essential part that is considered in Vastu.

Ganesha's Trunk

Position of the Ganesha’s Trunk and significance

When closely looking into the body features of Ekdanta, the trunk increases the beauty of the image. But according to the Vastu, the position of the Ganesha’s trunk can help in changing the lives of the people. What is considered to make the idol auspicious for home?

Ganesha’s trunk in the right direction

The big trunk of the idol in the right direction is seen in temples. The images portrayed in temples describe masculinity. Therefore, it is the fiery form of the Lord that requires to be worshipped. Temples offer prayers and worship the idol which is the strongest form and ensures to provide the extreme benefits to their devotees.

If anyone places a Ganesha with the trunk in their right direction it means that they will worship the idols. Any ignorance toward the idol can bring obstacles in the future.

The idol has another common image that is seen in shops and homes. The trunk direction of the Ganesha is towards the left, it is preferred in placing at home. As per Vastu, it is suitable for placing at home, it can be in the living room or at the entrance as a part of décor. The soft and peaceful nature of Ganesha is observed which is known for the placement in Chandra Nadi. It means the feminine gesture is seen with the significance of bringing harmony and peace.

It gives an opportunity to heal the different kinds of Vastu Dosha in the house. The idol is suitable for homes to live in with prosperity.

What if placed at home?

The Ganesha’s trunk in the right direction is not mostly observed in homes or as any depiction. If it is depicted, the idol is seen in is rare which denotes balance and happiness in life. Though it is not observed to be in houses as it is mostly to improve health and wealth. But if placed it supports the balance between both physical and mental health. But it is always best to place it at the temples as it needs special care and worship to satisfy this form of God.

Among all, Vastu indicates to place Ganesha’s trunk in the left direction. As the feminine form is easy to please with normal offerings and worships. While the masculine form is difficult to please, it is the fiery form of Ganesha.

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