If You Think You Are Going No Where In Life – Take A Deep Breath And Read This !


As a 21st century generation, we all are so busy and in hurry that we don’t have time.

We are in hurry because we want to get successful, in hurry to get things done as soon as possible.

We get depressed when things don’t happen or take place the way we have thought or when results are not achieved instantly. Life is a race of being successful in life and showing off in front of others.

A fifteen years old kid are developing website and selling things on them. At the age of 20-25 they own a company. People are doing too much at really small age. Some people not all.

And all these facts are freaking us out. We are scared that what if we won’t be able to do all this things?

What will be my future?

What next if I won’t be able to get success in my life?

Relax! Chill and take a deep breath.

Stop comparing yourself with others that what others have done or what they are up to! May be you are kind of a person who will earn respect and money at the age of 30’s or 40’s and nothing is bad in it.

Some graduate at the age of 21, still wait 5 years for securing good job, where as other who graduated at 27 still secured job immediately!

Someone became owner of a company at the age of 23 and died at 50 while another became a CEO at 40 and lived up to 90 years. 

Early success in life doesn’t secure happiness in life.

You could be an owner of a company at 21, but what if at age of 30 you go bankrupt. So, age is not at all a barrier in life. You could find success at 40, and perhaps you’d be more settled person to handle it. Whatever happens in our life it happens for a reason.

Spend your time enhance your personality, gaining new skills, learning a different languages – be the person you want to be in future who can handle things easily. Create the character that will match your success. Work towards your goal.

Opportunities never come to an end. If today is not your day, may be tomorrow or day after tomorrow. Don’t stop living your life, live they way you want to.

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