Dying Professions Of India That We Would Love To Revive

Dying Professions Of India

Dying professions of India – In past years, India has become more developed and modern.

Now, life has became more easier with newest technologies. From buying the largest or tiniest things to communicating to another corner of world is in our hands. In this modern India, we are living in a generation of gadgets. But in the hustle bustle of today’s busy lives, we have became redundant to the old technologies or say old professions.

Here is a chronicle of dying professions of india which used to exist earlier but are faded now.

Dying Professions Of India –

1 – Scribes Of Old Delhi

We all love stylist fonts and calligraphy. But do you know its history? Can you imagine that it is one of the oldest profession of India. Yes, the scribes that you can find in the streets of Old Delhi were much in demands during Mughal era. They carved books and posters.

This was one of the most popular profession of ancient India has been replaced by the latest apps of different font styles. The very few numbers of people are left who still scribes the font but are only surviving against the high challenges of modern technologies.

Dying Professions Of India

2 – Rudaalis Of Rajasthan

In the dusty state of India, privileged women of upper class were expect not to express their emotions in front of others. At the time of any tragedy like death, they had to hide their emotion to maintain the dignity of their class. So, the women of lower class were being hired for such events to mourn for them. These women with their black scarves were called ‘Rudaalis’.

But with the extension of modern culture, the idea of maintaining their dignity by hiding emotions is being faded. Consequently, Rudaalis are being pushed to the realms of obscurity.

Dying Professions Of India

3 – Genealogist of Haridwaar

After a death, it is a tradition of Hindu culture to go Haridwar and pour the ashes in the holy Ganga. This ceremony is generally conducts by a family genealogist called ‘Panda’.

The other duty of these genealogists is to maintain a record of different families as Hindu beliefs that they must have to look for their ancestors.

Isn’t it sound interesting to  see the historic records of your family-line. But, In this era of gadgets, people have started questioning the records of genealogists and raising greater doubts on the existence of genealogists.

Dying Professions Of India

4 – The Knife Grinders

Back in the times, one can  easily find the Knife Grinders in their streets. People often get their knives and scissors sharpened at a very low cost. But today, none of us search for them if our knife has became less sharpen. We can easily get a new one from market. So the Knife Grinders are really suffering with time, they are either surviving in pity conditions or leaving the profession.

Dying Professions Of India

5 – The Ear Wax Cleaners

Over the time, we found the ear wax cleaner roaming around our streets and they easily get their clients  but today, we feel hesitated to sit in the middle of streets and get our ear cleaned. Also, people question the ‘Ear-Wax Cleaning’ profession on medical ground.

Resultantly, ‘The Eye-Wax Cleaners’ are losing their existence in society.

Dying Professions Of India

6 – The Godna Artist of Jharkhand

We all love to get tattoos on our bodies, but do ever heard about the origin of your favorite tattoos?

Yes, the Godna artists who were belonged from lower-caste of Jharkhand, has started the culture of tattooing the bodies. But with the time and new techniques of tattoo designing has take up the place of Godna artists.


These are dying professions of India. No denials, life has became more easier but these unique professions are heritage of our Indian culture. And with the evolving lifestyles and changing mindset, the generations of 21st century may not know the back days but we will definitely love to revive such professions.

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