A Career In The Education Field: Worth It Or A Waste Of Time?


Everyone wants to be a doctor, engineer, CEO of a big organisation, but we all forget that to make such a career, we need the right kind of education.

Those who provide such education are obviously the teachers, but there aren’t many who consider teaching as a lucrative profession. It has been relegated as a last option and especially for women! The truth is far from reality, though!

Let me help you understand the teaching profession a bit more in detail by explaining its advantages and disadvantages a career in the education.


1) Work Timings

The best part about this profession is that the work timings are limited, whether you teach in a school or a college. Most teachers work 7-8 hours a day and then they have rest of the day for themselves to study, research or just be with their family.2

2) Holidays

It is one of the few professions that offer you lots of holidays every year. This makes for a better quality of life not only for you, but for your family members as well. You can relax and rejuvenate yourselves during these vacations to give your best after rejoining work.

3) Work-Personal Life Balance

While spending quality time at school or a college, you can also devote similar amount of time at home as well taking care of an ailing family member or teaching your kids or taking on additional household responsibilities. Everybody wants a perfect balance in life and teaching provides you with just that!

4) Kids’ Education

You can always enrol your kids in your school only so that you can keep an eye on them while at the same time ensuring that they get the best education. The chances of teachers’ kids getting spoilt or going wayward are minimal compared to other kids.

5) Job Satisfaction

This is the biggest benefit one can get out of teaching. The joy of nurturing the future generation of the country, shaping up the future of so many young and innocent lives is unparalleled. The satisfaction of seeing your students achieving something big in life is equivalent of watching your own kids finding their place under the sun! No amount of money or fame can compensate for such euphoric feelings.

While these are the good points, the profession suffers from some disadvantages as well:

1) Money

Yes, there isn’t that kind of crazy money as associated with other lucrative professions. Even though nowadays private institutions have started paying a good salary, it still isn’t at par with professionals like doctors, engineers and bankers.

2) Career Growth

As far as career growth is concerned, the maximum one can go up to is either a principal or a dean of a college. Until and unless it is a government job and you diversify into being more of an administrator rather than a teacher, you will start and end your career as a teacher only. For some ambitious people, this might be a turn-off. 

3) Monotonous

If you’re someone who likes excitement and a daily dose of adventure and something new, then teaching is not for you. This profession requires immense amount of patience and dealing with children on a daily basis while teaching the same things day after day, year after year, with just a little bit of changes.

As you can see, there aren’t many pitfalls to this career while the benefits are manifolds. It’s just that nobody gives it a serious thought owing to typical conditioning of the mind over many decades.

It’s high time you think about this profession for not only a better lifestyle, but also for some heartfelt satisfaction.

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