5 Things To Learn From Pakistan To Be Successful In Life!

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We all know what kind of a relation we share with our estranged neighbor and how it has made our lives hell over the years.

However, as some wise man had said that one can learn from anywhere and anyone, I thought what can we actually learn from Pakistan? The answer is: a lot!

Let me share with you 5 things that you can apply in your life to be successful!

1) Be Focused

Observe Pakistan’s focus on Kashmir for past 68 years and you’ll understand what I am saying! It is like a meditating monk’s focus – unrelenting and giving more than 100% to the goal. Now try doing this with your dreams, goals and ambitions; success will be yours for sure!

2) All Resources For One Objective

Pakistan may or may not use funds, people and other resources for the interests of its own citizens, but when it comes to Kashmir, its army, police, ISI and every known-unknown government machinery is used for singular objective. Therefore, if you want to achieve your goals, avoid wasting time and money on gadgets, wandering off, partying, but just put every second of your day, every rupee in your pocket to make your dreams come true.

3) Different Modes

Pakistan tries to hold dialogue with India, while at the same time tries to push militants inside Indian territory. If that is not enough, regular provocative firing happens on the border and then it raises the Kashmir issue at various international platforms to keep the issue burning and remain in everyone’s memory! Are you getting an idea about how to go about following your dreams or planning your work life? Don’t stick to one path, but knock on all doors, try everything in the book and outside of it to ensure success is yours!

4) Never Say Die

Has Pakistan ever come across as a nation that will rest even for a second from raising the Kashmir issue? NEVER! All its government machinery and armed forces work 24X7 to keep this issue bubbling while ensuring that no matter how many times they lose a war or their face in the public, they stick to their stand and keep working on their goals! Similarly, when you try to achieve goals, you will be rejected, you will lose a million battles and you may face humiliation, but if your dreams are genuine, no one will be able to stop you from achieving them one day!

5) Take Everyone Along

That is the mantra! Nothing in this world was ever achieved single-handedly as we all are social animals and we do require each other to grow in life. Pakistan has absorbed it completely and therefore uses all the manpower within its borders and then tries to influence the opinions of other countries as well to make sure that Kashmir is discussed as often as possible! You also have to convince people of your dreams, take help, lend a hand, but in the end take everyone along to be successful! No success is a sweet fruit if you have t eat it alone!

Hope you relate with these strategies! One thing to notice here is that no one can stop you from being successful if you’re fighting for a genuine cause, an engraved dream or a strong ambition! Pakistan, however, is on a silly wicket trying to work for a wrong cause! Right efforts in a wrong direction will not take you anywhere, is the final lesson from Pakistan’s journey!

Hence, make sure you have a right objective in the eye, and you use the correct measures!

Remember, there is always something valuable to learn even from the worst of your enemies!

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