5 Things That Kill Self Worth At Workplace

We tell you five ways you could end up killing your value at workplace.

Somebody’s said it right- Action speaks louder than words.

Not that there are too many de-motivating elements in this world, that you’d add another to your list, but while at work, you need to be very particular about your actions and your words.

Acknowledging your mistake in the process of learning and being self critical everytime are two different things. For example, on being told that you need to improve in a particular area you saying, “Yes, even I think I need to work on it” is acknowledging your weak part. However, at the end of a colleague’s presentation if you say, “This might sound stupid, but I just wanted to ask something”, is killing your self worth. We tell you five ways you could end up killing your value at workplace. Read on.

1. Doubting yourself

Your worth begins from what you think of yourself. How you perceive things related to yourself ultimately becomes your impression of self. If you put yourself down, let your credit just pass away to someone else, let your talents be utilized by someone else, you will be taken as a self critical and low esteem individual. So believe in yourself. Know what you’re capable of doing. Utilize the opportunities and let the world know who you are.

2. Humility and Self-denial

Humility comes to you only when you balance your strengths and weaknesses. For example, you accepting that you cannot excel everywhere, is humility. However, letting your skills be implemented by somebody else, and being okay with it, is self-denial. Hope you got the difference.

3. Apologizing when not required

You may not have realized, but a regular dose of apologizing kills your self confidence. Yes, you should when you apologize when required, not always. For example, if you receive an email, to which you were expected to reply to soon, sending the reply about half an hour later and mentioning that you’re really sorry for the late reply, is so not relevant. This not only diminishes your self confidence but also makes you appear vulnerable for your future actions.

4. Let others analyze you

Most of us have been brought up in an environment that supports someone else analyzing your potential. But unless you analyze and make decisions for yourself, you will not feel great about the work you’ve done. This will make you answer what works better for you rather than what works better for anybody, but you.

5. Making your worth conditional

Living upto the image of what others think of you, may lead to you losing your own worth. Learn to stand up for yourself. Taking suggestions is always good for your career, but living your life for somebody else is something you’re not worthy of.

 Only you know what you are worthy of. So try not to kill your value. Stand up for yourself and make sure others recognize you for your strengths and not weaknesses.

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