Job Offer Letter: Things To Consider Before You Accept It

We give you a brief insight into things you should consider before you join a new company. Read on…

You were totally in a i-cant-do-this-anymore mood in your previous organization. And the job hunting looked like a thing that would continue for a lifetime.

Fortunately, you qualify the interview round and receive the offer letter. I understand that you might be feeling ‘ecstatic’ at the moment, but there are a few things you need to consider before accepting that offer letter, as things move very fast, once you accept the job.

We give you a brief insight into things you should consider before you join a new company. Read on…

1. Negotiations, check.

I am quite sure that you’d have learnt the i-deserve-more bargain by the time you join a new organization. Money is something big, but not everything. If you’ve negotiated your salary already, and the company hasn’t mentioned anything near to a commendable increase in your salary, maybe you should think about it twice. Sometimes, they could mention about perks to makeup for your salary or number of non working days. Make sure that there is a balance in what you are looking for and what the company has to offer you.

2. Company Culture, check.

Imagine a situation where you get into a disagreement with your colleague or boss day-in and day-out. This could result in not only you becoming indifferent to your work profile but also could burn you out. Generally, in situations like these, you end up working only for your paycheck, and not for what you are there for. So, make sure that the company culture and your work profile is all about something you can adjust with.

3. Benefits, check.

Generally, you’re told about the benefits you’d be able to avail, once you’ve joined the organization. But at the same time, you need to know if the benefits offered by the company are any different from your previous one. Enquiring about the benefits beforehand, could not only rescue you from a difficult situation later, but also help you in the long-run.

4. Career progression, check.

If your priority lies in climbing in ladder, you are required to find out, the frequency of promotions and renumeration the company has to offer. Genuinely speaking, the more competitive the culture is, the more you’ll progress. This would also have a direct impact on your professional and personal life balance. So, don’t forget to check the frequency of promotions, as that is one of the stringent conditions for your advancement.

While you make up your mind to join the new organization, what matters the most is that you make a sound choice based on what it has to offer you. Always consider the bigger picture, that is going to help you in the long run. More wisdom to your brain! 

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