4 Sure Shot Ways To Make Your Employees Fall In Love With Their Jobs

Here are a few ways you could build long term relationships with your team and employees and increase productivity at work. Read on!

Did you not just love that warm, fuzzy feeling when you found someone or something you belong with?

Wouldn’t it be great if your employees felt the same about working with you?

No, I am not talking about romantic love or siding with anything inappropriate that would raise alarms for employers. However, if you’re a manager, then in a better or worse way, this rests on your shoulders.

Here are a few ways you could build long term relationships with your  team and employees and increase productivity at work. Read on!

First impression is the last impression

Whether it’s a date, formal meeting with your to-be’s parents, a job interview or any significant meeting, we all know that the first meeting is indeed the last meeting. While talking in work context, the first impression is when your prospective employee gives the interview. But as a manager it’s your job to think about the employee experience you’re creating. Those impressions will either attract or turn off top talent and are also going to have long term engagement. It definitely takes more than just welcoming employees on their first day of the job. You may want to clearly communicate the responsibilities and perks of the job.

Make the job valued

The best relationships have been guided by a set of values, be it personal or professional. Your employees also want to feel that they’re a part of something meaningful and larger than themselves. As someone who’s leading the team, you’re in an excellent position to help connect their work to the mission of your team and overall business. The more you can point out how their contributions fit into the progress, the more valued will they feel, and hence more engaged will they be.


Before go any further with the PDA thing, let me tell you that PDA in corporate culture implies to Public Display of Appreciation. When it comes to recognizing your employees there is no better place to do it other than publicly. Everybody loves to be recognized for their efforts. Providing praise in front of colleagues, to tell them that they did a great job will drive them more loyal and make them perform better. Rather than taking all the credit yourself, appreciate them, for if it were not for them, even you wouldn’t be called a good manager.

Off-Work time

Travelling the world with your team is not what I would suggest. But there are all kinds of ways to inject a little fun into the work experience. Lunches ad happy hours are an easy way to bring your team together and bond with them. Go for a team outing or team lunch or organize a cycle race. The options are limitless. All you have to do is to make sure that all of your team feels comfortable participating in.

Only your employees cannot create a better work environment and love their job all by themselves. By investing in productive relationships with your employees, you can create long lasting bonds that leads to better performance and better productivity.  

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