How To Make A Rocking Day Without Money!


The fact, that we all need money for day to day survival, stands utterly true!

Money opens the doors to happiness, for it can buy you stuff and wherewithal that makes you happy!

But, what if you are broke and have no money in pocket, let’s say for a day?

Does that mean you cannot be happy for that day? Does that make you spend a gloomy day curled up in your bed?

I say NO!

Here’s how you can make a rocking day without money in your pocket.

  1. Walk down to the nearest slum with your guitar or any music that you can play. Find a bunch of less privileged kiddos and sing a song to them while playing on your instrument. Even if you have nothing to play on, just sit with them, chat-up, sing, play games and smile a lot. It may sound a little out of the league, but trust me, when you do it, you will be counting your blessings inundated.
  1. Take a stroll to the market. Walk into a photocopy shop and try to photocopy your face, and see how it looks. 😛 Yeah, it sounds weird. But it’s fun, trust me!
  1. Go around in the neighbourhood ringing the random doorbells. And hide when they open the door. You will find yourself giggling incessantly when they open the door and look here and there with a puzzled face! Make sure not to get caught. Or if you actually do, be ready with an excuse, such as “I have no milk at home, can I get a cup of tea. My head is aching bad!” If you get the tea, it’s even better! Hi 5 to that!
  1. See if there’s an open park concert going on in your city. There are many college groups or upcoming rock bands that organise such fests in the open areas, which you can enjoy without a ticket. Just reach there and enjoy an evening of splendid music, all to yourself, and feel the bliss.
  1. Call your closest buddies and ask them to carry some sandwiches and a frisbee or a ball, to the nearby park. Have an impromptu picnic with loads of chatting, food, games and laughter. Cheers all the way!
  1. If you are a swimmer, take a free dip in the nearby lake or ocean and let your senses open up. Make sure the water is clean enough for the dip. Or else you can just splash around and feel the happiness.
  1. Sit online and make new friends. Ask them some funny questions and get blocked! He he, that was rude, right? No, but seriously, this really is a good thing to do, to connect with new people from far and wide and explore life. Also, you can post some funny pictures of self and laugh at the amusing comments you may get. Watch droll videos online and laugh your heart out. 
  1. If you have a photographic heart, just grab your camera, or maybe just your phone and start out on a photography spree. Capture real life as it comes across. Click some good pictures of people, buildings, food or possibly just the squirrels on a tree. You never know, some of them stand out, to be your masterpieces. Show them off, or preserve for self, to watch in some lone moments.

Like the ideas?

Go, get going! And yes, do share with me, some of your things that you do when you have no money in the pocket!

I’ll be back soon.

Till then, Cheers to life! 😀


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