Good Performance In Job Interview, Yet No Response? Here’s Why Did You Not Hear Back From The Employer

Why No Response After Good Job Interview – Here are a few probable reasons why haven’t you heard from the hiring manager since the interview.

You researched the company you wanted to work for, quite ahead of time. You were dressed in your best attire and were there in time. You answered every question perfectly and the interviewer seemed pretty interested with your wits.

There’s absolutely nothing you can think of that could have gone wrong. So why have you not heard anything from the employer, since the interview? Here are a few probable reasons why haven’t you heard from the hiring manager since the interview.

You didn’t impress them

Let’s hit at the most obvious reason. You might have rocked the job interview, but it’s quite possible that someone else won over the job title. So, rather than sending you a thanks-for-coming-to-the-interview mail, the recruiter chose to not send you anything at all.

You could be a plan-B

There’s quite a possibility that you were interviewed to see if the candidate they have selected so far, is good for the company. Maybe you were the fifth candidate to be interviewed and they might call you for another round if their preferred candidate backs out.

Position unavailable

Maybe, after you went in for the interview, the company might have cut in some budget slack. The hiring process might have frozen, or perhaps the company is in the middle of reconfiguring the role you were interviewed for, based on unforeseen circumstances.

Job seekers are in surplus

They are probably just way too rude. The company might have had a cattle call of job applicants for the profile, and now it does not have the time or does not wish to respond back to each and every person individually.

Recruiter on a vacation

It’s a frustrating truth, but even hiring is affected by seasonality. Hiring managers take vacations just like everyone else, and your interview may have occurred right before the person in charge put her out of office reply. A delayed response could be due to a peak vacay time at the company.

You’re too much to afford

One of the best reasons to give to yourself- Maybe you’re too good for the profile or the remuneration you’re expecting is not affordable by the company. So why waste your time thinking whether you got the job or not. Look for something that suits you and your skills the best.

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