These Food Combinations Are Dangerous And Most Of Us Don’t Know

Dangerous food combination

Dangerous food combination – Now don’t be surprised if I say, there are certain combinations of food that are harmful.

Yes, they are combinations of food that harmful making you feel bloated, heavy and what not. We tend to take in wrong kinds of food for many reasons – like the so-called laziness, craving for junk and many more reasons.

Here, we got you some Dangerous food combination, so try avoiding them.

Dangerous food combination –

  1. Food and water

Drinking water with meal is a toxic combination; water has a tendency to dilute the acids of stomach and also reduces effectiveness of breaking carbohydrates, proteins and fats. Always drink water 10-15 before your meal.

  1. Pizza and soda:

It is quite common that most of us tend to end up having a pizza or a burger with soda or coke. This is just because the pizza is known to have carbs, starch and coke or soda to possess sugars, which make the digestion process in the body complex.

  1. Lemons and cough syrup:

The next time you have lemonade, be cautious of not taking in any medicines or even a cough syrup. This is because the lemons are known to block the breakdown of certain enzymes. And the breakdown of enzymes like dextromethorphan is blocked, it starts accumulating in the bloodstreams and leading to various health issues.

  1. Yogurt and fruits:

This is so in fashion that, a lot of us eat yogurt mixed with fruits even as breakfast option. Let me tell you all, this is the dangerous combo as the fruits contain fibers and the yogurt rich with proteins. When these come into contact, they tend to produce toxins rather than some health benefits.

  1. Meat and potatoes:

These complex foods consists of highly saturated fats and proteins makes it difficult to digest.

  1. Milk and banana

Most of us commit this mistake of enjoying banana milk shake thinking its super healthy but its dangerous combination. This becomes very heavy on your stomach, but if you still wanna enjoy it add cinnamon powder or nutmeg this will stimulate digestion. 

  1. Burgers and fries:

Seems like the restaurants won’t let us stay healthy. They offer us some super nice burgers with the all-time favorite French fries. The Trans fats make you lazy and sleepy.

These are dangerous food combination – So, the next time be careful not to grab these harmful combinations of foods and stay healthier.

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