11 Things You Have to Accept in Life, No Matter How Much Painful They Seem

Things that we accepted – When disappointments run amok, we need to bolster courage and pick ourselves up-these bookish lectures and morning motivational quotes have least bearing when practicality strikes. We, as children are brought up in our comfort zone and the transition from childhood to adulthood is the first trial we face in life, all the goodness and heroisms rise after we are seasoned with this change.

Then there is falling in love, where we harbour all our expectation only to be left confused about ourselves. Also, the career decision is the pivotal part of this gamble called life when one wrong pick can make you a self-deprecating dick.

So, here are some discernments life tasks us with and no matter how much we shadow-fight, accept it eventually.

Things that we accepted

1. Your grandparents won’t be alive forever:

Our grandparents occupy the most endearing chamber of our hearts for the sweethearts they are. Sometimes, they surpass the love our parents could ever give us. They are our shelter when parents see red, they are biased about us and even the thought of losing them seems like a nightmare. But death is cruel, they are taken away from us, and only memories and tears fill our vacant hours.

2. There will always be a rich bitch in school:

The amount of her pocket money will give you cold sweat, her outfits in informal gatherings will grow a green eyed monster out of you, her well-groomed appearance will make you nervous so will the male attention she garners. You will hate her sycophants but actually admire her everything deep down, no filter.

3. Your parents will never be happy with your score:

Be it board exams, or grads report card, your parents will always raise eyebrows and ask why didn’t you do better? Their unbelievably high expectations you can never match up with.

4.  The guy you lose your virginity to will always turn out be a fuckboy:

At 19, the guy you lose your virginity to because you already formed a mental household with you will pull the royal ditch eventually.

5. You will never be able to teach yourself not to lose an umbrella:

Because losing umbrella is a pathological human disorder. This applies to dropping your smartphone too.

6. Your colleagues will never be your friend:

Only lucky few get friends in colleagues because no one is truly your friend hailing from the same profession. You only make true friends during educational years and they are for keeps.

7. Your ex will not sit unmarried for you all his life:

We all derive sadistic pleasure from thinking our exes still love us and having the pangs of guilt. But no guilt is perpetual. He might have just gotten over it and found love in someone else just like you did.

8. You will grow an emotional distance with your parents after marriage:

This is inevitable, we hate to think that our parents are growing old and also want to carry out all our responsibilities towards them but when we have our own household and don’t share the same roof as them no longer, a faint emotional distance happens.

9. You will never earn more than you spend:

Consumerism is wearing new feathers and you end up buying the lifestyle you can’t wholly afford. It’s human propensity to vie for more so your earnings will never seem enough to you.

10. Your marriage will become dull after the 5 year mark:

You were head over heels in love for each other but things will become mundane after your marriage hits the five year milestone. The renewal attempts will fail miserably.

11. You will grow wrinkles and grey hair:

As soon as you reach the threshold of 35, the first appearance of wrinkles or grey hair will happen to you too. But ageing is graceful, look at Meryl Streep. These are the things that we accepted in our life.

These are the things that we accepted – Life is the rosary of moments that make memories, good or bad. There will be tribulations and triumphs, such is life. Sigh!

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