Unfolding The Secrets Of Bagging Multiple Job Offers

Multiple job offers help you choose the best with highest pay. We tell you the secrets of bagging multiple job offers.

There’s always that fellow in our life who achieves everything, he/she wants or even does not want to.

The one who wins far more number of times than loses, and once starts applying for jobs, ends up receiving job offer from all those organizations he gave an interview at.

No matter how much you hate the person, the truth remain unchanged- that he/she has multiple job offers while you are looking forward to a good one.

We tell you a few ways you can bag multiple job offers.

1. Streamlining job opportunities

Generally, when in need of a job or a switch, job seekers intend to apply to every job opportunity they come across. However, the one who bags a number of job offers does not practice aimless applying. Streamlining your opportunities is very important. Think about what do you want from the job. Which job can give you a better professional growth? What is the company you’re applying to into, and what is the industry focus of the company. There are a number of things you need to put into your job search.

Once you decide what kind of job do you want, make sure you send an apt resume for the job position. Like one size does not fit all, one resume does not work for all the job roles.

2. Targeted networking techniques

There are more than 300 million people on professional networking websites and most of them are either employers or job seekers. Your profile on a professional networking website is your virtual resume. Once you are sure of the domain you wish to enter, make a list of people you should connect with, who could also recognize your talent via few online conversations. Successful job seekers spend most of their networking time connecting to leaders, employers and other executives of the organization they desire to work with.

3. Personality development

Once your resume is shortlisted and you’re called for an interview, think about the best quality in you. Forget about everything else and indulge in a conversation with confidence. People with outstanding personalities have a perfect body language for every occasion, dress accordingly, and talks about things which impresses the interviewer. There’s no rapid fire going on in the interview. So your approach towards every question should be highlighted. That is what your interviewer is looking forward to.

4. Interviewing the recruiter

While it is advised to be smart and witty during job interviews, there’s this one major point where recruiting manager gets a glimpse of your confidence. Your reaction to would you like to ask us anything is in real, a way to know your interest in the job. So research well about the job and the company profile. Check out their social media profiles; know about their latest products and achievements, and don’t hesitate to ask questions about anything related to the company. (Of course the question should be relevant).

5. Flexibility, irrespective of the consequences

Nope, nobody has a cent percent success rate, even when it comes to bagging multiple job offers. Yet what differentiates the one who has, from the one who does not is flexibility and the optimistic attitude. Maybe, the person bagged two out of five opportunities. Yet, what he/she sees is that she was successful in two of her endeavours, rather than seeing that he/she failed in three. That, rejection feels disheartening, when you put your heart and soul into something is true. But as they say, if a door closes, another opens. Life is full of opportunities and they who are successful most of the times, know that very well.

For most job seekers it is tough to concentrate on a particular kind of job in the industry. But the secret to receiving multiple job offers demands that you focus only on what you want and where do you see yourself five years from present. 

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