These 3 Factors Will Help You Choose Right Career For Yourself


Now a day’s students are the most misguiding victim in this society.

Education became business and students are their client. As like other businesses, the education business also meant for profit. It not a major issue for the institutions whether the students choosing right career or not, what will be their future.

Every year thousands of students end up with a career which they don’t like at all.

Someone likes to write and end up with engineering. Someone likes animals and end up with MBA degree.

All these happened because of the promotion and marketing of the private colleges. They influence the parent or guardians and motivate to admit their children in the concerned institutes.

Worst part is that the student himself/herself doesn’t know which subject he/she has interest?

What he/she like to do most?

What career can grab out his/her inner talent?

And most importantly the reason of his/her birth in the world to do.  Such as “Bharat Ratna” Sachin Ramesh Tendulkar is born to play cricket, if he would have going for a career in sales than what would happened. The world won’t going to know him as he would definitely failed in sales.

Because, he is not born to sale.

Now question is that how to choose right career.

It’s very simple.

You just need to go through a process of brain storming work to choose right career.

Know your present Desires:

You should ask yourself what I shall want in my life. Are these my needs or I am living to fulfill others needs. Make a list of your desire. After making list asks you a question why would I want these? Then cut down the things which don’t have any reason behind it. It’s very important step, it gives you an idea of who you are.

Go to your flash back:

When you figure out your desires, you have an idea of your interested field. Go back to the childhood. What is your favorite game or hobby? What is your prime source of interest? Find it out and match with it with your current desires. You will surprise that your childhood interest is complete match of your present desires. If your desire is for cars then your childhood favorite game must be car racing. Then why wait go for an automobile engineering or other related career. If you love to read magazines, stories why wait go for a journalism course or writing course to become a writer.

Take charge of Destiny:

After evaluate yourself with above process you can choose your own career that meant for you. Now take charge of your life. You are the driver of your own life. You should hold the steering of your life. Don’t let others to drive the life for you as you already 18. So this is the right time to take charge of your life. Make your own decision. Because no one can know you better than you so no one can make better decision other than you. Take responsibility of your own life. Most of the students in India bound to go with the decision of their parents or guardian. It is because the investment is theirs. But this is not a good practice. It makes the student dependent. It is better to arrange your own money instead of taking help of someone else whose intention is to dominant you.

Career choosing is a very vital event in life.

If done perfect then you will be happy. You love to work. You feel your work as game and enjoy doing it. Unless you afraid your work. Develop anxiety, stress and depressed with your work place. Finally lead to hell of the life. Do you want your life to be hell?

Sit sometime, do the above brain storm home works and make proper plan for your career. No one know who you are? In what you are good at but one thing we know you have some quality better than others. Go and find it out to live your full potential.

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