These Things Other Than Sex Will Give Your Brain Orgasmic Feelings

Brain orgasmic feelings – There are pleasure centres in our brain and when we have sex, those are stimulated thereby helping us reach orgasm.

There is a cascading celebration of sex because we have no parallel to it. Sex rejuvenates the mind, burns calories and not to mention, is a great stress buster. Equally, the same brain cells are stimulated when we eat chocolate and you will go bonkers to know that the feeling is as same as having sex.

The bonhomie between brain and sex and brain and chocolates are strong but did you have the slightest inkling of these facts that stimulate your brain cells up to the proportion of orgasm like brain orgasmic feelings. Read here:

Brain orgasmic feelings –

1 – Try wiggling your pinky finger in your ear:

Sounds cute? Try it and enjoy the feeling. When you do it, it stimulates your brain cells in a jiffy and you feel as much pleasure as having an orgasm.

2 – Try popping bubble wrap:

We all have a thing for bubble wraps from the childhood and quite rightfully so. They are so fun to burst and leave a tingling yet pleasurable feel in our brain. This act of popping the bubble wrap is a fun stress-bursting way.

3 – Try taking a hot shower in the winter:

Which, we assume all of you did but this has a pleasure of a different kind. Soaking up in the misty vapour frees your mind from tension and stress and rejuvenates your brain cells too.

4 – Try holding your pee for quite some time and then do:

Hold your pee for a significant period of time deliberately and then release. You will feel the pleasure that can’t be explained in words. It will feel like being released from a dungeon.

5 – Try doing stretch-yawn:

Like those wallpaper-ish girls whose ‘waking up’ pictures surface in the internet or perhaps you can follow a cat to master that because he does it pretty accurately. It soothes the sore muscles of your body and makes you feel better quickly.

6 – Being able to crack all your knuckles effectively:

It happens pretty less often but when you crack all your knuckles effectively, you feel a sense of pride, and not to mention, your mind feels the orgasmic effects too.

7 – When you take off your heels after walking in them for long:

Risque heels look good but they are equally painful. But then, what’s there in wearing heels if you don’t take the pain? However, after a certain amount of time they really start biting and when you get rid of them, you feel relieved and orgasmic.

8 – Unhooking your bra:

No girl needs an explanation to this. It is bliss to get rid of the boob-cages after a toiling day. We feel heaven and brain feels relaxed in the same way too.

9 – Stroking the recently shaved head of someone else:

That too in the reverse direction gives you a feel like nothing else. Try it, you will know!

Brain orgasmic feelings – So, just in case if you are single, try these simple tricks that will throw sexual orgasm out of gear.

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