Best Commercial Pilot Training Institutes In India And Abroad If You Wish To Fly High!


Do you remember your childhood days as those playing with toy planes and choppers?

Whenever an elderly person asked that what we wished to become when we grew up, did you replied as… “PILOT!”?

Do you still have that zeal and fervour instilled in you to fly high and make your family proud?

Well, if you replied in the affirmative, we have a neat list of a 7 best colleges and institutes in India and abroad that help you get ground training and in flight training to transform you into a commercial pilot.

Each course is unique in its own sense, all you have to do is to pick the most suitable one for you in order to get a new CPL (Commercial Pilot License).

Commercial Pilot Training Institutions In India:

1)    Government Aviation Training Institute, Bhubhaneshwar, Orissa: They offer a 15-18 month CPL full-time training course. It consists of Ground training and in flight 200 hours logging for single engine or multi engine aircrafts. Entrance Test is a must. Minimum age is 17 and the candidate should be 10+2 with Maths and Physics. Class II Medical pass (Indian Medical Association) is compulsory .You should be medically fit as per the standards laid down by DGCA.

2)    Indira Gandhi Institute of Aeronautics, Chandigarh/Ghaziabad/Jaipur/Ahmedabad:

They offer a 1 year CPL training course. Their specialty is an extensive Aviation Meteorology sub-module. Most pre-requisites are similar to the above mentioned institute. They also conduct a private eyesight examination to test the student’s eyesight and its compatibility with their course requisites.

3)    Ambitions Aviation Academy, Aligarh, UP:

They offer 10-12 months of CPL training, All pre-requisites are similar as above. Their speciality is that they have their own Air Traffic Control (ATC) with allocated radio frequency for two way communication with the trainee candidate.

4)    West Bengal Flying Training Institute (WBFTI), Kolkata, West Bengal:

They offer an 18 month course. The course is full-time and is considered one of the best in East India. All pre-requisites are similar as above.

Commercial Pilot Training Institutions In Abroad:

1)    International Aviation Academy of New Zealand, Christchurch, NZ:

They offer a Commercial Pilot Licence / Instrument Rating Multi Engine or Single Engine course with in-flight 230 hour booking. It is a 52 week course. The course cost covers everything from airway charges, licensing fees and study books. All prerequisites are same as applicable in India. A police clearance and immigration clearance are necessary. Good English skills are a must.

2)    CAE Oxford Aviation Academy, Australia/ India/ Netherlands/ USA/ Singapore:

Their global reach puts them as the front-runner among all aviation academies worldwide. They also have a centre in India. They offer a Multi-Crew Pilot Licence (MPL) Training program running for 18 months. All pre-requisites are same. Visa clearance is a must since fee is to be paid beforehand.

3)    Aerosim Flight Academy, Florida, USA:

They have various courses for CPL training which have a 12 month duration. They also provide an option to earn a 4-year Bachelor’s Degree in aviation through their affiliation to Jacksonville University. All pre-requisites are similar.

Training in these institutes is world-class and unparalleled. Their rigorous flight schemes and simulations test your mental strength and decision making process.

After all, you will be entrusted with the lives of people in your hands when you will be flying the plane carrying civilians or VIPs. These courses will transform you into a singular force which soars high in the sky.

Plus, the big money you make from commercial piloting will enrich your life for the better.

Make a flying career as a Commercial Pilot!

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