Entertaining Games You Can Play With Your Crush While Chatting!

Texting Games

Texting Games – I know it’s boring when every day the conversations that you and your crush have is all about “How was your day?” or “What are you doing?” etc. You know; every single day asking only these questions is simply boring. Plus, it doesn’t really help you to know your crush better or say, to impress your crush.

So something else needs to be done, right? Something that is interesting and entertaining. What, you ask? Here I’ve listed FEW “texting games” that you can play with your crush. Let me add, not just crush, you can also play these FUNNY GAMES with your partner to pass the time with enjoyment.

I mention, you can spice things up by playing these games while chatting.

These games are best to play when you’re bored AF.

So let’s begin ( Texting Games )


I know this game is common and you might think that this game is played only when you two are together & stuff. Let me tell you, you’re wrong and you can play the game while chatting as well. Ask ‘em the best “never have I ever” questions and let ‘em spill the beans. It is best game to know others secrets.

IF you want; you can Google the “NHIE” questions to get ideas too.

  1. WHAT IF?

What IF? Game is very popular and is played by many people. The only thing is, your questions need to be interesting and Funny to continue the game. It is game where you need to create a scenario and ask others “What IF?” and let ‘em answer to see how they react.


Have you ever tried this game? IF not, then today is the time to start it. In this game, you need to tell your crush about the thing you’re doing but in an abbreviated manner. For example, you’re listening songs, then you can tell your crush “LS” and then you should let your crush guess it. The FUN starts when the opposite person tries to guess.


Just in case your crush hates talking with emoji’s, then kindly avoid it. IF not, then carry on with it. All you can do is, send emoji’s that says something and let your crush guess. It is interesting. You can also spice things up.


This game can be played in many ways. To make it interesting and extremely funny, all you can do is, create two sentences that rhymes and let your crush complete it. You can be naughty while creating the rhymes.

See how it all goes.

Texting Games – Do you have any other games to add in this list? IF yes, then let us know in the comment section below.

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