8 Reasons Why Your 30s is More Fun Than Your 20s

More fun in 30s – We all are a tad nervous on reaching the threshold 0f 30s.

It is not only physical transition but a paradigm shift from this personality to that. We spend our 20s in fear, that is of losing a job, fear of a beak-up, fear of being mediocre with imbued us with frustration. But is our 30s, we are wiser, unbendable by superficial lures and of course, have no time for nonsense. So more fun in 30s.

Still, there is one thing our hearts crave for in our 30s, that is the youthfulness of 20s, but equally happy that the stupid fears now stay put.

So, here are a few things that prove that ageing is not all that bad :

More fun in 30s –

1. You know your worth:

We are pretty sure that you have well past the age of continual self-deprivation and attempt to impress everyone. You have a clearer vision about the things you want to settle for now and can size up a jerk in just one or two sentences spoken.

2. You are family oriented:

You are no longer driven by the indomitable pursuit of transitory happiness in others. Your family comes first to you now because you know that they are for keeps.

3. You are into a healthy living:

You have shooed away the reckless lifestyle of 20s outside the window and have already started taking care of yourself because you know taking your health for granted now will make your family bear the brunt. You are more into early to bed and early to rise, working out and eating healthy.

4. You have started saving money:

You have started to plan your future wisely. You are no longer the impulsive buyer and making some fruitful instead to ensure a financially stable and strategic exit from work in future.

5. You make your own decisions:

You are not answerable to anyone for taking your own decisions because only you will be the one who will face the consequences that it might entail. This is the time to take risks and of course, it’s not yet too late to chase your dreams.

6. You look your sexiest now:

You have zeroed down the things that look truly great on you and don’t dress to impress, but kill. 30s is the age when you are not too old for anything so trying out the best looks is more than okay. You, meanwhile can enjoy many a admirers, mostly from the younger age group.

7. You have found your perfect signature:

After oscillating between a many, and many trial and errors for that matter, you have found out your best signature and settled for it too.

8. You are more patient:

That is because you have been the tosy-turvy experiences of life and have learned from them always. You are more knowledgeable now and know where to invest your emotions. Also, you can take your foot down if need be, because you stopped trying to impressing people and they reached the momentum where they have to impress you.

This is how we have More fun in 30s – Having said that, you probably have more money than your 20s now and the party never stop. You can afford things now that you have wished for and also have the spine to work harder. There is nothing more ecstatic about entering your 30s so enjoy.

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