5 Tech Giants That Offer The Most Amazing Perks To Their Employees

Perks are generally viewed as an incentive or a form of gratitude that is offered to executive level employees. We see a few perks tech giants offer, which any employee would love to have.

Perks are generally viewed as an incentive or a form of gratitude that is offered to executive level employees.

Most employer’s see a few common things as benefits, namely- health insurance, maternity leave and an amount that pays for their travelling and lodging during vacation time.

However, in our renowned tech industry, a form of appreciation means more than just a health insurance or maternity leave.

We see a few perks tech giants offer, which any employee would love to have.


A lot has been heard and said about the incentives Google offers its employees. The company’s corporate headquarters is over 500,000 square feet of happiness, creativity and productivity. They have a cafeteria which offers homegrown organic produced in its kitchen. Apart from the edible stuff, these are a few things Google employees enjoy at work:

– cooking

– volleyball courts

– bikes and on-site oil change for their vehicles

– heated swimming pool

– dry cleaning

– gym and spa

– hair styling

– fitness and yoga classes

and finally a round, twisted in-house slide.

More than sixty percent of those working in IT sector have Google as their dream job. Looking at the perks offered, I i am totally of the impression that getting through Google is one of best things anybody will ever do in life. Lucky Googlers. 


The office is very employee friendly that encourages innovation and autonomy. Facebook employees get

– free meals

– free bikes to reach the campus

– access to a pantry zone stacked with snacks like fries and cupcakes.

– access to the candy shop, for those who have a sweet tooth. Frozen yogurt, ice cream, candies, fresh bakery, and what not.

– A Facebook employee gets to know the meal menu on a Facebook page! What’s more? They can also get something special prepared in case they don’t feel like having anything out of the menu. I’m hoping they’ll soon open a Facebook restaurant.

– For those who are soon going to be parents, facebook offers a four month parental leave, reimbursement for their child’s day care and quite an amount of cash on your baby’s new arrival. 

There’s nothing like a cubicle at the workplace and Mark Zuckeberg’s office looks exactly like any of his employee’s. Happy team, more efficiency, more productivity and more valuation of the company.


It’s not been long since Twitter opened its office in Dublin and Berlin. Like other tech giants, Twitter belives in making its workplace feasible and fun to work at. Employees have access to:

-free meals

– health insurance

– travel incentives

But there’s this one perk Twitter employees at San Francisco enjoy more than the others- catered breakfast and lunch.

Apart from these, they also get an in-office yoga and pilates class on a weekly basis, and a wireless discount for their personal internet connection.. 


One of the major IT companies in India, Infosys does not lie far behind when it comes to perks offered to employees.

– The employees at Infosys enjoy up to 90% discount at 18,000 restaurant

– air, lodging and care rental for personal vacations

– discounts on their mobile bills

– employee pricing for all major brands when it comes to electronics.

Considered as the second largest IT company in India, Infosys employs around 160,405 employees (as of March 2014) and boasts of its world’s largest corporate university located in Mysore, India.

TATA Group

When talking of corporate perks by tech giants, the TATA group gives a tough competition to its contemporaries. Tata group employees avail:

– a good discount on items manufactured by the TATA group

– health insurance for family members

– preference on the waiting list for admission in any of TATA owned hospitals

– reimbursement for vacation leave

As these tech giants grow everyday, it is their employees they give credit to, for their success and productivity. After all, an effective employee never fails at making profit for the organization.

It really comes as music to your ears when you get to know about the perks your company has to offer you. Surprisingly, I’ve known employees who join a particular organization thinking only about the perks. Well, I can’t really blame them. I would have done the same. 

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