North-East Indians ‘“ A Response to Stereotypical Harassments They Face in India

Response to harassments that North Indians face, The North-East Indian population is often subject to racial stereotypes that are very embarrassing.

It is often perceived that people living in a country are racially biased towards other countries.

Where this is true on some occasions, the problem also lies within nations, as communal pestering is an issue.

India is no stranger to such cases.

Being privileged and being racially supreme are two different concepts and the latter only takes toll on the existing human emotions.

In India, it is the North-Eastern populace that often bears the brunt of ignorance.

Just because people residing in North-East India have Mongoloid features does not mean they are not inhabitants of India. They are as much Indians as the rest of the country’s population.

Basically, what I wish to say is that North-East stereotypes need to end.

Here, I highlight some of the stereotypical embarrassments faced by Indians residing in the north-east part of India.

“You do not look like an Indian.”

First of all, this kind of negligence can hurt any Indian. Besides, do Indians have a ‘look’? Who decided that people carrying Mongoloid attributes are not Indians? It is blatant ignorance and the person making such claims should be subject to public humiliation.

“All North-East Indians know Kung-Fu.”

Sure. How about one of them beats the crap out of you just for saying this? Some individuals take this to the next level by using names Bruce Lee and Jackie Chan as monikers for their North-East Indian colleagues.

“Noodles are their go-to food.”

I believe you forgot to take your ‘how not to be a dirt bag’ pills. This batch of people is unaware that the staple food of people living in North-East India is rice.

“Is Nagaland in India?”

Have you ever owned a map of India? It is one of the 29 states that make up the country and is known as the land of festivals.

“People from North-East India are either watchmen or are employed in beauty parlours.”

And does the rest of India work in IT? MC Mary Kom is a North-East Indian and she is not a beauty parlour employee. Baichung Bhutia too belongs to this part of the country and is not a watchman. How about Arnab Goswami? He’s from Assam. Shall I call him up and schedule a debate with you?

“Dog meat is their speciality.”

People living in different Indian states have varying food habits. Can you blame them or criticise for something that you do not understand?

“North-East Indians are Maoists.”

This is one of the most absurd accusations directed towards people living in North-East India. Maoist, really? Moreover, this allegation comes from people, who are unaware about Mao Zedong or Maoists. Maoism is Chinese history, not India’s.

Although people may not intentionally want to hurt the sentiments of North-East Indians, in the said moment, they tend to blurt out something so stupid that it is socially unacceptable.

The only solution to eliminate this form of racism is to be aware about India and its population. That would save a few beat downs and police cases.

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