These Facts About Leading Car Manufacturers Will Leave You Amazed

There are many intriguing facts about cars that most of us are not aware. We bring some lesser-known facts about the leading 7 car manufacturers of the world. These facts are informative, and make an interesting read.

When it comes to cars, we usually talk about the mileage it gives, its exteriors & interiors, and other significant features.

Apart from these technical specifications of cars, there are a lot of interesting facts about these four-wheelers that are fun to read. Did you know that an average car comprises of about 30,000 parts? Or, that it is an offence in Russia to drive a dirty car?

There are many more similar fun facts that most of us are not aware.

We bring for our readers 7 amusing facts about the leading car manufacturers that make an interesting read:

1)      BMW: The design of the headquarter building of BMW resembles a four-cylinder engine that the company uses for its cars. Also, not many people are aware that the flag of Bavaria, the home country of the car company, inspires the logo of the company. 

2)      Volk­swa­gen: The Nazi German Labor Front founded this Company. Hitler had asked Ferdinand Porsche to make a Volkswagen which means a ‘People’s Car’ in German. This led to creation of the Volkswagen Beetle. Volk­swa­gen owns many leading car brands, including Lam­borgh­i­ni, Bentley, Bugatti, Audi, Ducati, and Porsche. 

3)      Suzuki: In 1971 Indira Gandhi also suggested to get a ‘People’s Car’ in India. Sanjay Gandhi had first approached Volkswagen but later Suzuki got the contract and the result was the Maruti 800! 

4)      Hindustan Motors: The most revered car produced by this company was the Ambassador. In 2013 the car was awarded the ‘Best Taxi in the World’ Award at the Beaulieu’s World of Top Gear Motorsport Show. The Ambassador competed with the likes of Mexico’s Volkswagen Beetle, the Russian Limousine, the Black Cab of London, and many more. 

5)      Audi: Audi is a great conglomeration of 4 car companies – Audi, DKW, Horsch, and Wanderer. The four-ring logo represents these four companies. Audi has a strong quality check process and all the Audi R8 cars pass through an x-ray check after production. Every Audi R8 has 36520 stitches on its leather interiors – not a stitch more not a stitch less! 

6)      Fiat: Apart from cars, this Italian car manufacturer has manufactured many other vehicles, including tractors, carriages, military vehicles, railway engines, and aircrafts. 

7)      Honda: Honda had manufactured the world’s first four-wheel drive car – the Honda Prelude.

There are many similar intriguing facts about the other car manufacturers too. We would love to hear from our readers on the brands that we missed!

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