Jeep Comes Up With Seven New Diverse Concepts Ahead Of The Moab Safari. Imports To India Will Happen Soon!


Jeep is on a roll it seems!

Just ahead of the Moab Safari in Moab this year from March 28 to April 5, Jeep has revealed seven new concepts that will be taking part in this 49th annual Easter Jeep Safari.

The safari consists of various trail rides along the Moab desert in Utah, USA, running for 9 long days.


This year’s Jeep Safari promises to be a rocking one! Each of the seven concepts look distinctly different and highly rugged. These cars will be making their worldwide debuts at this safari before entering mass production and distribution to various countries of the world including India.

Four out of the seven builds have been based upon the Wrangler. Since these models are highly customizable their spare parts and performance accessories are easily available everywhere for easy tweaking. Let’s take a quick look at the new concepts due for launch:

1.  Jeep Chief

This car is a tribute to the erstwhile full-size Jeep Cherokee and its graphics really takes you back into the 70’s era. It is based on the Wrangler concept and has a custom exterior which has a subtle blue paintjob with blue highlights to give it a traveller feel.

It now has a French-Bread roof and a modified razor grille, chrome front, 17-inch mag wheels and halogen headlamps. The car gets powered by a 3.6 liter ‘Pentastar’ V-6 engine with a manual six-speed transmission for easy trail-riding.

Jeep Chief

Jeep Chief


2.  Jeep Staff Car

This car is a tribute to all the military services worldwide who use Jeep’s cars in their patrols. This car is open-air and has a 4-door concept but no doors. It has basic steel wheels and a stretched roof made of canvas. It has 16 inch wheel with NDT military grade tires. The car sports the same engine as the Jeep Chief does.

The interior is kept minimal with bench sheets and a painted steel finish floor to replicate the look of a carpet.

Jeep Staff Car

Jeep Staff Car


3.  Jeep Wrangler Africa

A befitting tribute to the wilderness and rugged grasslands of Africa! Designed for off-roading and long treks it has space for extra auxiliary fuel storage space and luggage bins. 

Based on the four-door Wrangler concept, it has a Desert tan painted exterior and a high clearance with a high top roof.  It is powered by a 2.8 litre ‘torquey’ engine with automatic transmission. It sports 17 inch body colored wheels and the interior is painted with durable bed coating for extra safety.

Wrangler Red Rock Responder

Wrangler Red Rock Responder


4.  Jeep Grand Cherokee Overlander

A total off-road enthusiast offering! Painted in a Sage green exterior it comes with a matching rooftop tent for camping in deserts and jungles.

The car runs on a 3 litre Eco-Diesel V6 engine and has an eight-speed automatic Torqueflight transmission mated with it. It has 18-inch wheels. In the interior it has a similar durable sprayed-in truck bed with a hard-sheet roofing to hold the tent in place.

Jeep Grand Cherokee Overlander

Jeep Grand Cherokee Overlander


5.  Jeep Renegade Desert Hawk

A Jeep with the underpinnings of a modern looking SUV! It is based on the iconic Desert Hawk look and is coated in a Desert Tan paintjob and runs on a 1.4-litre turbo-engine with six-speed manual transmission for faster shifts during terrain driving.

Interior-wise it has Mopar floor mats and seat covers accentuating the exterior paint job.

Jeep Renegade Desert Hawk

Jeep Renegade Desert Hawk


6.  Jeep Cherokee Canyon Trail

Painted in the same Desert Tan finish as the Desert Hawk, this Jeep runs on a 2.4 litre ‘Tigershark’ MultiAir2 engine coupled with an automatic transmission that has a nine-speed gearshift. It also comes with locking rear differential for better stability while coming downhill or steep slopes.

It comes with 17-inch exterior matching painted wheels. Interior wise it looks similar to the Desert Hawk.

Jeep Cherokee Canyon Trail

Jeep Cherokee Canyon Trail


7.  Wrangler Red Rock Responder

The most monstrous looking Jeep till date! This car is modelled on the pickup concept and runs on a 3.6 litre ‘Pentastar’ V6 engine with automatic transmission and cold-air intake vents for better cooling during support pickups.

Thanks to a ‘Vibrance’ Responder Fiery Red paintjob, this car looks like a whopper from the outside! It comes with 17-inch wheels and wears the proud ‘Jeep Performance Parts’ logo.

In the interior, it has numerous drawers and compartments built inside it to hold various spare parts and tools for support and assistance in pickup.

Jeep Wrangler Africa

Jeep Wrangler Africa


All these cars look unique and befitting to the legacy of Jeep’s products and its long lasting lineage of performance and endurance vehicles.

Each vehicle can hold its own in a sandstorm or blizzard; that is the quality of Jeep’s products!  You can lay your hands on these massive machines in India once mass production begins and imports start.

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