It’s Time to Welcome the Viking, The Bike

If you can dream big and smart, Lauge Jensen can certainly make it for you; well, the Viking is a proof of that.

Lauge Jensen Viking! Yes, you hard it right; that is the name! 

And just like the name, the bike looks equally appealing and cool. If you are a bike enthusiast, this is one bike which you simply can’t let go, at least, not without knowing a little detail about the powerful beast.   

Know about Lauge Jensen

Lauge Jensen is actually a company from Denmark that is a specialist in manufacturing bespoke custom choppers with high quality and powerful engine. Now, the Viking is their latest offering; in a way challenging the world, if you can dream it big, they can certainly make it for you. And the company has done a tremendous job in putting together an entire team dedicated for the production of the bike. This is one of its kinds. 

A little about how it looks

From a distance, the Viking may look like a strong and finely finished cruiser bike, which, make no mistake, it is; but if you look closely, you will realize the bike is a lot more than that, thanks to the minutely believable details that the company has ensured in adding to the bike’s specs and features, let alone its look.  

By the big-shot designer

The design and look of the bike is its main USP. The Viking is designed by none other than Henrik Fisker, who is the former chief at BMW and Aston Martin and also responsible for designing the BMW Z8. What is unique about this bike is the fact that, some of the elements used in it are rarely seen in bikes. Much of the bike is adorned by carbon fiber, including the fenders and wheels. The seat is pretty comfortable and looks as if it spent a chunk of its life, before being a part of the bike, with a seamstress. However, the seat is perfectly made to ensure you have a comfortable ride, even if that means for long hours. 

Know the engine

The engine is the main draw for the Viking. It is a powerhouse – the 45 degree air cooled V-twin motor puts out a humongous 100 PS. Now that’s saying something, right? 

The engine can achieve a top speed of 209 km/hour; but what is more important is the fact that it goes by the book, and follows the Euro IV emission rules that is slated to come into effect from 2016. Going by the huge size, the 299 kg weight might seem a little less; but, it is big and huge nonetheless. And the company has also promised an effective mileage of 29km/liter. That’s not at all bad, given the engine capacity and the bike’s size!   

The Viking is yet another proof of the fact that, Lauge Jensen can build it for you, if you can dream it.

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