India Bike Week Is Just Around The Corner! Make Your Adulation For Horsepower Arise In Goa!

India bike week in Goa

Get ready to rev it up a notch!

Let’s make some noise! The world needs to hear the roar that our engines can make!

Adrenaline junkies and motorbike fanatics from all over the country are amassing at Vagator beach in Goa to witness the third and possibly the biggest edition of India Bike Week, an annual congregation organized by bike aficionados to celebrate their love of biking and Superbikes!

India Bike Week 2015 in Goa

India Bike Week 2015 in Goa

Event Itinerary

  • After a thrilling and a magnanimous debut in 2013 and a rocking show last year, the show is back for its 2015 edition in Goa on 20th and 21st February! About 7000 mad bikers from all over the country are expected to join in!
  • Martin Da Costa, director of the India Bike Week 2015, says that bikers from all over the expanse of our country are expected to arrive at this event. He says he expects at least 12000 footfalls this year! He himself is an avid biker!
  • Bikers from as far as New Delhi, Chennai, Shillong, Ahmedabad and Bangalore are riding their way to Goa as this article is being written.
  • Last year’s top exhibitors aren’t part of this year’s show call but that hasn’t bogged down the spirit of the organizers or participants any bit! Hint: there is a drag race involved *wink* *wink*! Keep reading!
  • The Indian Motorcycle Company is set to display their entire line-up for anticipating bikers.
  • DSK Benelli has confirmed the launch of its six brand new motorcycles at the event exclusively for Indian riders.
  • More than 20 rock artists are scheduled to play gob smacking live music for the two day period. Famous bands like Ox7gen, The Blackstratblues, Nucleya and Babyhead are flying down to Goa especially for this magnanimous event. DJ Savs. Sa and SiddharthBasrur are also performing… LIVE!
  • Hold your breath! This is it…! The ‘Howling Dog Quarter Mile Drag race’ is the ultimate highlight of the show. The drag races will pit motorcycles and cars head to head! Whoever achieves the quickest time stamp wins!
  • A custom made bike inspired by cricketer Yuvraj Singh’s design and made Autologue will also be showcased.
  • Custom made bikes will also be on display to show upcoming local talent in the 2-wheeler refurbishing arena. An IBW Bike Build Off will also be held.
  • Amongst the speakers, Ace Cafe London’s Mark Wilsmore will make his presence. Famous bikers like AvinashThadani and Gokulram will be sharing personal riding experiences. Rashmi Thambe, Editor of the publication ‘Global Women Who Ride’ is also among the exhaustive list of speakers.

Log on to: www.indiabikeweek.in for more details.

Most people attending this event are looking forward to meeting new bikers and share their riding stories. The DIY workshops will help promote bike care and also enthral audiences with the potential Indian bike builders have.

This event is set to blow your hats off! If you are in Goa, do not miss this event at any cost!

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