These Things Are Making Indians Angry, What About You?

Things That Make Indians Angry

Things that make Indians angry – Usually, Indians are a relatively calm and peaceful group of people, but this can as easily escalate into frustration and anger.

In addition to this, because of the similar backgrounds we all grow up in, we tend to get annoyed by the same things as well.

Here are a few of the many things that make Indians angry you come across:

Things that make Indians angry –

  1. Being talked down to.

We absolutely hate people thinking they’re better than us solely because we’re Indian. WE SPEAK ENGLISH, WE GO TO WORK AND WATCH HOLLYWOOD MOVIES. Get over it, exactly like you.

Most of us have been brought up to respect everyone. If we treat you well, we expect you to extend to us the same courtesy.

  1. People thinking we all have pet elephants

Anybody who has never actually been to India automatically assumes that it is backward – this is guaranteed to make any Indian’s blood boil.

  1. Tardiness

Most of our svhools were so strict about being on time that we are no longer capable of showing up anywhere late. Keeping an Indian waiting will be sure to make them a little grumpy.

  1. Being unproductive

Sitting in one place and doing nothing will drive an Indian absolutely mad. It usually leads to a great deal of fidgeting and grumbling.

  1. Crowd

This is funny because of the sheer size of the Indian population, but this also means that many of the places we visit are packed with people. We therefore no longer can stand to be around huge groups of people.

  1. Wastage

Most Indians, like most, have been taught to be grateful for what we’ve been given. Wasting is automatically the opposite. Seeing someone waste their meal is unacceptable. Though, alternatively many of us fail to imbibe this in our own lives.

These are the things that make Indians angry. As per some researches, Indians are angry over all these things. What about you? Are you angry about them too?

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