Interesting Facts about Left-Handed People

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Coming across left handed people often puts us into a dilemma, concerns about their differences from the right-handed people. Whatever is mend; it is targeting the right-handed users as 85 % of the population in the world uses right hand. It becomes tough for the left-hand people to adapt to the features. The hardships facing from the time born makes them far independent and adjusting to the different situations in the future.

Interesting facts that ensure that left-handed people are not only different but also with uniqueness are as follows:

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Higher Intelligence

Those who use the left hand have a greater developed right brain hemisphere which increases intelligence. The control of the left side of the body is controlled by the function of the right brain hemisphere. The difference enables them to grow their intelligence that is unlike the common people. It indicates that their way of thinking, intelligence, and execution are not the same but since the maximum objectives are based on right-handed they have to adjust with the world to survive.

Makes 10 percent of the population

Believe it or not, only 10 percent of the total world population are left handed people, and may it is the main reason the pages of the book contents turns are from right to left. The handle of the refrigerator is on the left so that opening it with the right will be convenient.

These are small regular facts, but it makes a huge difference when one has to learn writing from left to right. They are unique with a massive personality difference, they are highly confident compared to the right-handed people though the less in population.

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Reality is a necessity but no one can deny or refuse to daydreaming, when it comes to the matter of daydreaming the left-handed people are more prone to it. It enables thinking not only differently but brings some uniqueness to their working strategist. It is another reason, being a daydreamer they can dream to fulfill their aspirations. They think twice before they begin it may not be present in right-handed people in early ages.

They celebrate their day

Yes, they have a day to celebrate on 13th August every year! It is a day celebrated to cherish their victory against all the odds they are able to survive. It is a day to grow awareness about the people and the extreme difficulties that they have to come through during their adapting time as the less populated people.

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Creative and attentive

Daydreaming cannot always worsen if you have track of your ambition and work. They are creative and attentive at the same time. Just because they are daydreamers they have proven wrong about the statement “Daydreaming cannot be attentive”. They are multi-takers!

Left handed people have a  record of recovering early compared to right-handed people. They may have to face language problems at early learning stages but excellent in multitasking.

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