Hey You the Mountain Rider! Catch The Thrill But Play Safe! It’s Your Life! Part – II

Last week we discussed about 5 crucial tips about mountain biking. Now to complete the process, we bring to you the next 5 tips. Read on!

For riders on plain roads it is always necessary to know about certain tips that will help them to drive properly through mountain trails.

Last week, we discussed about 5 crucial tips about mountain biking.

Now to complete the process, we bring to you the next 5 tips. Here’s part 2 of our continuing article mentioning the necessary safety tips:

6. Minimum Braking and Careful Steering
While biking on the mountainous regions it is important that you should not apply the brake too vigorously. For instance, when there is more weight on the front of the rear tyre, there is lesser grip on the tyres. At the same time when you are travelling downhill you have to go easy on the rear brake when there is more load on the front tyre. Thus, opting for the front brake is a better option when you are coming downhill. You should also keep in mind not to overuse the brake that might result in their fading. When you are taking turns be careful with the steering.

7. Approaching Traffic from the Rear
Not every rider on the mountain trails are well versed with mountain riding. Their brakes might be overheated and hence might not work properly when they are moving downhill. There are bigger vehicles than your motorcycles travelling moving up and down the trail. There are trucks that may travel at high speed from the back. To be on the safe side keep checking the mirror and always be prepared to take any kind of evasive action as required.

8. Unfavorable Road Conditions
Mountain roads are more subjected to wear and tear due to the unfavorable weather conditions. While some sections of the road may be quite smooth but there would be others where the roads will be rough. Often there are budget constraints to repair the roads or there are accessibility issues. So remember to maintain a reasonable speed while driving through hazardous roads.

9. Beat the Dangerous Curves
The plan of some of the mountains might not be very suitable especially for the motorbike riders. It is not a very nice feeling when suddenly sweeping curves, off-camber curves or decreasing radius curve appears suddenly in front of a rider. While you are climbing up the gravity will keep you in check. However, on your descent you will have to keep your speed on check due to the same gravity factor. So keep your focus on the road.

10. Lack of Escape Routes
The narrow roads and drop-offs on one side lead to lack of escape routes on the mountain trails. So be very careful and attentive while riding your pillion.

Precaution is always better than cure. Hence, to make your mountain rides a memorable one follow the safety rules given above.


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