8 Things People Who Were Betrayed By Their Best-Friends Will Relate To!

Friendship Betrayal : Friendship Betrayal is as bad as Breakups.

I mean, it literally suucccckkkks.

I’ve been betrayed not once but twice & honestly, it really feels bad. Just like any other relationship, Friendship is a pure one. Just like we expect our partner to respect us & not cross the limits, we expect the same thing in Friendships. I’m sure, many are NOT lucky enough to be friends with people who will 101% never betray them. Those who have faced “Betrayal In Friendship” I feel extremely bad for you. I know that it hurts even more when you lose a FRIEND who you called “Best-Friend” once. Some of us think giving a chance might change everything but even that doesn’t work, we know that it’s THE END.

I believe, getting over “Friendship Betrayal” is as hard as getting over “Breakups.” Especially if you have a Best-Friend who is always into one upping you, then you should see the Betrayal coming.

Well, here are some things that every person who is betrayed by their best-friend will relate to.

Friendship Betrayal: 

  • Moving on from breakup seems less painful to me as compared to moving on from a friend who I shared so many secrets with. I know when a friend betrays we feel a loss that becomes hard to explain. It is a different kind of feeling.
  • Even when it’s not our FAULT, we end up blaming & getting angry over small things. When I was betrayed I used to get angry so much. It happens, you know? Deep inside the anger comes because we feel how someone we believed & loved so much can do this to us.
  • One betrayal breaks the trust factor. I’m sure many out there who were betrayed by their best friends now don’t trust any people. Friendship betrayal does that to you. I know, it really does.
  • Even when we try to forget what happened, nothing really works for days. Our heart is in pieces & the only person who once used to mend it has broken the heart, so it gets even more worse.
  • We start blaming ourselves for choosing the wrong person. I did a lot. We keep hurting ourselves by saying things like “It’s my mistake I chose the wrong person” or “It is my mistake. Period.”
  • Undoubtedly, when we see other friends hanging out together, chilling & enjoying coffee, we go back to the memories. Hell yeah, we miss them. SOMETIMES.
  • You think whether to “UNFOLLOW” them on social media or not. Whether to like their pictures or not. This is the hardest thing.
  • We realize that our LiFe is boring. You know, then you go back to the past & you see how happy you were. You end up screaming “Why the Fuck she/he had to do this with me.” *SCREAMING*

Friendship Betrayal indeed hurts. What’s more heartbreaking is, it gets difficult to move on. Some days, you miss your best-friend & on the other, you don’t think about them at all. Sometimes you think of forgiving them. But then, you control because you remember what they did to you.

Friendship Betrayal: All I would say, never betray anyone.

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