Bultaco Bikes Will Be Back With A Bang ‘“ The Rapitan!

Bultaco will come up with the Rapitan. But bikers will have to wait for it a little too long.

If you have been dying to get some great news from the bike industry then we might just have something for you right now.

Do you like a high performance bike… and have you been waiting for a bike with killer looks, features and specifications? Well, the wait can be finally over. 

If Bultaco bikes have impressed you always, then the company has planned something really big this time. 

The Spanish motorcycle manufacturer, Bultaco, has decided to make a comeback with a high performance electric bike. The makers have decided to name it Rapitan. As cool as the name suggests, the bike also promises to grab a lot of eye balls going by the briefs by marketing heads of Bultaco. 

This time the renowned Spanish brand, Bultaco, has teamed up with an international team to make one of the best bikes for its customers that adheres to the core values of the company: innovation, competition and passion. Well, these are the core values that drive the company, and they would continue to do so in the years to come! The latest announcement regarding the new motorcycle launch was made on the very same day as the birth of the founder, Don Paco Bulto. 

As per reports, the bike range they are planning is very much aimed at those types of bikers who seek a machine but wants an alternative means of mobility. The production and innovation centre will be based out of Barcelona and Madrid respectively. 

The team has already confirmed that bikers will have to wait a little longer to get their hands to this bike. After all, the bike will not hit the market any time soon; going by the company sources the production will start only after January 2015. The Rapitan will feature an in-house developed propulsion system with state-of-the-art features and specs in the hybrid and electric traction and also will make use of ultra-lightweight materials. This would make the bike quick, fast and efficient. 

Though the production of the bike is not any time soon, the company is not leaving any stone unturned to make sure marketing and networking is foolproof. That way, the makers can build a certain sense of anticipation and excitement among its customers. 

Wait for the storm to engulf you in a thrill! 

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