The Right Motorcycle Gear For Women Bikers!

Biking gears for women riders – riding gear can potentially save one’s life and avoid serious injuries or impact. Below is an insight on the appropriate biking gear for all those women

The old adage that ‘women don’t ride bikes’ is a thing of the past now.

Statistics reveal that today one out of four motorbike riders on the road is a woman! Be it for adventure riding or daily commuting through heavy traffic, it is imperative to take precautions for one’s safety.

While many may think that helmet is the only riding gear one needs to invest in, one should remember that there are  a handful of other gears that together provide an optimum level of protection to the rider.

For all those women who wish to venture into the world of biking or those who are already experiencing the adventure, listed below are a few tips on the right biking gear for women riders:


Needless to say, helmets are by far the most essential gear for men & women bikers. They safeguard the brain, the most vital organ of the human body. It is always advisable to opt for a full face helmet rather than an open face or half face helmet. Popular brands that provide adequate protection and are easy on the pocket include Vega, AGV, LS 2, Shiroh, MT, THH, Studds, and HJC. Some companies specifically design helmets having graphics that appear chic & swanky, and are apt for women bikers. 




Ranging from finding riding roads to tracking the bike’s performance & providing safety tips, there is an array of apps for the ardent biker. While the Waze app calculates the fastest route to the intended destination and renders turn-by-turn directions, the Road Trip app tracks fuel mileage & expenses per trip, and keeps an account of service repairs. Another incredible app to look out for is the C that provides updated weather forecasts based on the GPS location and advises the user whether it’s worth to take the risk of riding in an undesirable weather.



Riding Shoes

A full-leather waterproof boot which covers the foot and safeguards the ankle & shin is ideal for women bikers. Some of the famous brands which provide fancy & decent riding shoes include Orazo, Puma motorsport, PGS, and more.


Riding Jacket

Available in full textile, mesh, or leather in various colors, a riding jacket comes with back, shoulder, and elbow protectors. Designed from specialized material, these riding jackets are different from the average jacket which women wear in daily life. These are relatively thicker and safeguard the user’s skin from abrasion.




Available in textile & leather material, gloves come with knuckle protectors that offer optimum protection. Again, it is best to opt for full gloves rather than investing in half cut ones. There are ample motorcycle gloves that look fancy as well as safeguard the palms.  


Irrespective of the stares or attention a woman gets while riding a bike, one should always remember that it’s better to be safe than sorry.

While jackets, helmets, and gloves look uber-fashionable, they also provide safety & peace of mind to the riding enthusiast.

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