Are You a Car Owner? These 8 Things Are Must For You And Your Environment!

Vehicles are a major cause for air pollution and they use valuable natural resources too. It is time that we think about Mother Earth and do our bit to save her!

All automobiles cause pollution, which leads to congestion, climatic changes, ozone depletion, noise, and eventually to Global Warming.

Impact of Cars on the Environment:

Each vehicle undergoes 3 stages – production, on road usage, and disposal. Automobiles consume substantial energy through all these stages.

During production, cars use valuable resources, including steel, rubber, and more. While in use, the coupe utilizes precious fuel, and on disposal, toxic battery acids & plastics harm the environment.

Vehicles also have the following impact on the environment during their on-road usage:

  • Emission of greenhouse gases leads to air pollution, which in turn causes various health problems to humans, as well as flora & fauna.
  • When oil and other particles mix with rivers & other water bodies, they affect the water quality.
  • Noise created by vehicles leads to noise pollution which causes mental stress and other illnesses.
  • Some gases used in the manufacture of vehicles leads to depletion of the ozone layer.

What is the Solution to the Problem?

Pollution caused by automobiles is a serious issue and most manufacturers, as well as car owners have become cautious about this. Many automobile giants are now making ‘green cars’ which help saving the environment.

Hybrid cars have also emerged as one of the most widely accepted vehicles. These cars contain a gasoline motor and an electric one too. Car owners may run the coupe on the electric engine and use the second one in case of emergency. This saves essential resources and prevents pollution.

Using the below-mentioned 8 simple tips will help save the environment:

  1. Opt for local transport or car pools when possible.
  2. If stuck in traffic, switch off the engine.
  3. Keep the volume of the car audio low to avoid noise pollution.
  4. Starting in speed and stopping suddenly leads to fuel wastage, hence we suggest smooth driving.
  5. Driving at a speed of 80kmh is ideal, as emissions are lowest at this speed.
  6. Use air-conditioners and other electrical devices wisely, as these increase fuel consumption.
  7. Invest in small cars as they cause lesser impact on the environment and help save money too.
  8. Get the car serviced from time to time. Though most pollutants are visible while driving, but some emissions are invisible too.

It is time that we start thinking about Mother Earth. Our negligence can hamper the future of the next generation.

It is never too late, do your bit, help save the environment!

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