If You Want To Ride a Bike, You Must Have These Safety Gears

How often do we see bike accidents lead to deaths. And most of it is because the drivers are either unaware or are not bothered to use the right biking gear. Here are some points to help you pick the right gear.

In continuation to our last communication to you, where we talked about how to choose the right safety gear for biking, today we will be discussing the various physical components of Safety Gear for motorcycling. 

We all are aware, that safety gear is an important aspect that you should keep in mind if you ride motorcycles. Most people tend to give this a miss because gears are supposed to be intrusive and cumbersome. But a motorcycle safety gear guide is a necessity for every biker; after all, prevention is better than cure. 

Here’s a list of some of the most important safety gears for motorcyclists: 

  1. Helmets: To protect your head and your life, this is a must gear. When you are choosing a helmet make sure that you do not think about styling. DOT approved helmets are a must. These are the most important gears that will protect your brain during any accident. So choose wisely. 
  1. Sunglasses: A proper eye protection will keep dust and debris away from your eyes. Although helmets have eye protection but a lot of riders prefer to use separate eye protections. And it also makes you look ‘COOL’. 
  1. Ear Protection: The noise of the wind can be extremely irritating while you speed up. But before you use earplugs check with the local laws about using them. While its helpful, it can also block your ears from all types of sounds. So what if there’s an ambulance behind you trying to make its way out of the traffic? 
  1.  Jackets: This apparel should be next on your list. Jackets are available in wide variety as a protection. Opt for the leather jackets as these are helpful in reducing abrasion injuries. 
  1. Gloves: During a fall it is quite natural to fall on your hands. The gloves will be of real help during this time. If you are thrown off-balance, these safety gears will protect your knuckles, palms and fingers. If possible go for the gauntlet styled ones. 
  1. Pants: Styles for pants varies from causal ones to the sporty types. It is important to choose the right one so that you can ride comfortably. 
  1. Boots: To keep your feet protected, choose the right pair of boots. You cannot use the one you wear daily to office or the casual shoes. Opt for the ones which are especially designed for bike riders. It is very important to keep your feet protected while riding your bikes. 
  1. Neck Protection: These are new gears that are gradually becoming popular. These are instrumental is reducing severe spinal injuries. However, these things will limit your head rotation abilities and hence, visibility. 

Besides these there are guards to protect your elbow, shin, and knees. These are, however, have been tested off road but they can also be used effectively while riding motorcycles as well. In addition to these there are the roost deflectors and chest guards. Go through the motorcycle safety gear reviews to pick the right one.  

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