Bizarre Alert: This J & K Examination Is Tasting Your Patriotism

Jammu and Kashmir examination

Jammu and Kashmir examination – Entrance exams tend to test your merit and the tenacity to survive under pressure through their specially modelled questionnaire and personal assessments, government exams are pretty uncordial at that.

But the bizarre angle meets the eye when a Jammu and Kashmir examination tests your jingoistic gamut. It will definitely not seem as a vase of roses standing on the table to you, way painstaking and confusing rather.

The youth is standing on the precipice of two ideologies, one is the patriotically motivated adrenaline soaked one that seems to feed fat the interest of the government and another is questioning everything that seems to be favourable for the government.

But the pursuit of being able to earn bread or making a career in the government sector exhausts a youth from the anarchical opinion compelling them to give in. Here’s referring to one exam conducted by the J&K Service Selection Recruitment Board (SSRB) – Jammu and Kashmir examination testing the examinee’s patriotism was a benchmark goof-up in the history of examinations.

Indian examinations are not perfect and this one pushed the boundary.

It was nothing like mugging up for a tough paper and getting one’s head around the social issues, scientific endeavours of the nation, national and international politics and convivial bilateral relationships, it was an attempt to read the mind of the examinee and ending up showing the question-setter’s limited knowledge of political and historic proportions.

Read the question here:

Jammu and Kashmir has an international border with China in the north and east, and the Line of Control separates it from the Pakistan-controlled territories of Azad Kashmir and Gilgit-Baltistan in:

  1. a) north and north-east respectively
  1. b) south and south-east respectively
  1. c) east and north-east respectively
  1. d) west and north-west respectively

This one rather fans the controversy of Azad Kashmir which opens a can of worms. It openly claims that the portion of Kashmir is illegally occupied. Of course, the students did not see it coming and seemed to be rather perplexed while trying to answer this.

The question dropped a clear hint that a part of Kashmir is unethically occupied by Pakistan for obvious reasons. India has always dodged the usage of the term Azad for the occupied portion of Kashmir hence it was downright surprising to the students who appeared for the examination and hence were faced with this question.

It was the 86th question in the paper that drew objection from students and they even asked for the examination to be cancelled. However, SSRB stood firm on its ground and rebuffed any rumours of cancellation of the exam. In fact, the Chairman of SSRB, Simrandeep Singh, cleared the air saying that the question might be withdrawn because it has no pertinence to reality but the exam is not any likely to be cancelled.

Jammu and Kashmir examination is testing patriotism – But one thing is for sure, no exam question has ever tasted your nationality like this.

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