Attention Guys: The Practical Pick-Up Guide

Finding the right girl and then trying to hook up with her can be a little tricky. However, our guide can ease out the process for you’¦


Finding the right girl and then trying to hook up with her can be a little tricky. However, our guide can ease out the process for you…

  1. Where to find beautiful girls: Don’t just think of a bar or a pub as ‘the’ place to hook up with a girl and have a good time. The places where you can actually meet and get talking to a lot of beautiful girls are dance classes, yoga sessions, book stores and coffee shops.
  2. First date mistakes: There’s a lot of room for error and you need to get a few basic things right like opt for some drinks and dinner over a movie, because you will get time talk to each other. If you really want to win her over, be more traditional and a true gentleman. And know how much you can touch her.
  3. Know if you are in the friend zone: If you have been trying to hit upon your friend, there are certain signs to analyse if she is willing to reciprocate or not. She shares her dating experiences with you; she doesn’t go out with you alone and calls up other friends to join; she always tells you how much she values you as a friend and she doesn’t show any signs of a flirtatious behaviour with you. Get over her. 
  4. Look your best: No woman wants to tag along with a guy who doesn’t believe in grooming himself well. Just like you would never approach a girl who doesn’t look attractive, the same holds true for the girl as well.
  5. Use your phone as a wingman: All you need is confidence and a good phone. Stand next to her and check out some amazing photos on your phone or put one as the screen saver, and make sure she is able to see what you are doing. Check out those puppy videos and some lovey dovey scenes from famous films.
  6. The ultimate kiss: If you get to kiss, make sure that you show her enough passion to leave her wanting for more. Hold her face warmly and run your fingers through her hair while kissing.
  7. Perfect body language: If you are really nervous then the girl would probably see it in your body language. To avoid swaying your hands, put them in your pocket, stand straight and lower your shoulders to seem comfortable and turn slightly while talking to her. Don’t go straight on as it will make you look aggressive.
  8. What to talk about: You have crossed the initial blocks and there you are talking to her, but about what? If you know her from your yoga or dance classes then you know what to talk about, but if she is a complete stranger, then the easiest topic to get around is the latest entertainment news or Bollywood gossip.


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