5 types of people you will meet on Facebook

We have drummed up a list of five sort of people you will come across on social networking sites.

In the day and age of ‘like’ and ‘follow’, there are very few genuine people in the virtual world as everything just boils down to sugar-coating and window-dressing. As you get set to exploit the dark world of the web, we drum up a list of five types of people you will definitely come across on Facebook and other social networking sites…take a look!


Those with a celeb DP:
Yes, this creepy lot actually has a famous celebrity as their display picture. From Robert Downey Jr to Deepika Padukone, every celeb finds himself/herself on these folks’ DP. The kind that does this will reveal zilch about themselves, but would love to know you better. May be they are low on self esteem or hate the way they look, whatever it is…it’s best to maintain a safe distance from these guys.

Changing DP by the minute:
Oh, we all have that one friend who has a selfie up every other minute. From posing inside a loo to sipping coffee at the newly opened Starbucks, these guys are DP-maniacs. If they don’t put up one Instagrammed pic on their social feeds, they wouldn’t be able to sleep well at night. You have such chums on your list? Of course you do!

Invites for annoying games:
They are obsessed with either growing plastic veggies on a farm (Farmville) or mixing and matching cadies (Candy Crush) for sweet fun. Damn you, folks! We don’t give a rat’s ass about these games. So please don’t send us any invites. Yeah…have you screamed like this? For some strange reason, these guys have hell lot of time on hand and can play these irritating games for hours on end. They don’t just play, mind you…they INVITE you to play too. Uff!

Likes but never comments:
They will ‘like’ all your FB silliness and follow you on Twitter, but never comment or RT you. Bummer, really. They should comment sometimes, you know. Even if it’s something as lame as ‘wow’ or ‘super’ or any jazz. We know you have seen it, goddamn comment on it.

Saccharine sweet and bubbling with energy:
Whether you log in at night or in the afternoon or whenever the hell, this kind is always bubbling with energy with saccharine sweet updates. ‘I am so happy to be alive!’ ‘Yayayaya! I got a new Reynolds pen!’ ‘Ohmygod ohmygod…took bath today…damn happy!’ You get the drift, don’t you? How they can be high on life 24/7 we would never know, but their constant ‘bright’ updates pisses us off for sure. It’s like, ‘c’mon, kid! We are happy too, you know. Stop peeing in your pants!’ Agree?

‘Checking-in’ at every place:
We are all guilty of this. If we are peeing at Grand Hyat, we would probably check-in saying ‘peed at GH. Nothing different…yo!’ or if we are in Spain, even for a half hour stopover, we would go crazy claiming, ‘In SPAIN! F***U all!’ Other than telling the world what a colourful life you have, you’re also informing your family/friends that you’re safe and at this particular place. Neat, methinks. You?

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