5 Super Awesome Pranks You Have To Try On Your Hostel Mates!

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Hostel life is fun and more fun is added when the young students sprinkle some pranky mischief on it.

Playing pranks on the mates is one of the most pleasurable things. No college student has ever gone through the college or hostel years without being tricked or tricking others.

But one must remember that pranks are meant to be fun; you shouldn’t take part in any pranks that will harm a person or cause property damage.

Here are 5 super awesome pranks that you must try on your hostel mates:

  1. Make Them Go Full Monty

This prank works best in the hostel with combined bathrooms at the end of the corridor. When one of your roommates heads for the shower, sneak in after them and take away all the towels or bathrobes they had hung on the side wall. How far will they will go to make it back to the room, that to Full Monty? Make sure to stick close with their clothes handy, by in case it starts to cause a trouble for them. 


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