Dear Dad, You Gave Them Dowry And This Is The Reason They Treat Me Like This!

Indian parents

Indian parents – We  Indian’s might all boast a lot to be modern but when it comes to marriages dowry is taken with pride the more educated the groom is the more is his value and more dowry you need to give. It is prevalent everywhere and idiots who call them educated also demand hefty dowry. Yes some are doctor’s engineers, politicians, NRI’s, and don’t be surprised if few are from anti dowry-squad.  Some take in form of cash, some in gold, properties, so on and some demand all!

Ridiculous society I wish I was not a girl honestly

Dear Indian parents

Please don’t fall prey to these so called well educated Idiots yes they don’t demand initially but once marriage date is near their tantrums start.

My friend’s was an arranged marriage and her dad gave her as dowry hefty amount of money, gold, and silver too. Why do people give dowry they think their daughters would be well treated if she brings money and gold? No not at all in fact when you bribe the groom’s family with gold and cash they get addicted to easy money and then post wedding their demands reaches sky. Like, it happened in my friend’s case.

Post wedding in-laws started showing their true colors!

Demanded for a luxury car and when she didn’t get that torture started including physical and verbal abuse. What her husband did was even more surprising he said my parents wouldn’t change honey let’s get separated. She was happy that at least her hubby is quite understanding little did she know about his intentions. They started looking for houses he said this is not good, that is not good, etc.

“Finally he said one of your dad’s bungalow is vacant naa anyway he will give you in future why not ask him now so that we can shift”

My friend understood his intention that he married her for money, used her always for money.

As if what her dad gave wasn’t enough he demanded a bungalow now.

Dear Indian parents this is what happens when you give dowry stop promoting this ridiculous culture of giving!  The more you give the more demands increase in future.

Instead spend the money on your daughter and her career!

Frustrated daughter!

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