These 7 Colleges Are Best For Pursuing Your Career In Architecture


If you are enamored by skyscrapers, feel the ecstatic sense when you pass over the bridge and have the special love for monuments then you know which field to choose.

This multi multidisciplinary subject helps you not only learn about how to construct a building but also helps you to learn about spatial design, aesthetics, safety and material management.

Here is the list of best 8 colleges in India you can choose to fulfill your dream.

  1. J. School of Architecture

This college is one of the premier institutes for architecture studies in India. Many do not know that it is the first college of Architecture in Asia. It has churned out architect professionals who are practicing and are at great level. It has also been recognized as best college for architecture by various magazines and sites. The college itself is a great example of Victorian architecture.

Sir JJ College of Architecture Campus

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