OMG! Here’s What Ranveer Singh Loves To Collect When He Visits Different Countries!

Hobby Of Ranveer Singh

Hobby Of Ranveer Singh – Ranveer Singh is a badass guy.

I know that there’s no need to say that; because he makes it very clear each and every-time he is presenting himself, right? To be frank, there’s no such actor as Ranveer Singh in the entire Bollywood industry. You know; he is one of a kind.

He is always in news. Be it for his professional matters or personal one, he is always NEWS. Ranveer Singh is that crazy guy; girls need to make their life even more interesting. I’m sure that many girls will agree on this point.

Frankly, there’s so much to talk about this guy, but the one thing that we can say as of now is that “he is a complete and outstanding entertainer in the entire Bollywood industry.” In short, no other actor can ever beat his madness.

There are a lot of things about Ranveer Singh that he has spoken e.g. he lost his virginity when he was only 12 years old. And then, he can RAP etc etc…But how many of you know that he loves to collect “something” when he visits different countries. Can you guess it? Let me tell you first, Ranveer is a badass and madness is what defines him, so what is the crazy thing that he LOVES to collect? Alright, some of you might’ve guessed it. Others who haven’t done it yet, you need to Chillax.

Hobby Of Ranveer Singh

So here’s the crazy thing – “Ranveer Singh actually has a thing to collect X-Rated magazines. On his road, he picks up a copy of popular X-Rated magazines from every country that he visits around the world.”

Isn’t it shocking?

I mean; that’s a crazy collection. I wonder how many he must’ve collected till now. Damn! He is totally and amazingly crazy and his hobby for collecting X-Rated magazines is crazier too.

I think that wherever or whichever country he is in now; he undoubtedly must’ve collected an X-rated magazine from there for sure.

This was all about the hobby of Ranveer Singh. 

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