Why Do Silhouettes Look Magical?

If you are someone who loves experimenting with new kinds of shots for depth and feel good factor then try your hands on taking Silhouettes…

Plain simple portrait or landscape photography can get boring. If you are someone who loves experimenting shots for depth and the feel good factor, then try your hands on taking Silhouettes.

The easiest way to get a neat Silhouette shot is to place the subject that you want to black out infront of a strong source of light. While doing this you need to set the exposure that is perfectly suitable for the background and not the subject.

This will make the subject under exposed by making it a great Silhouette shot. There are many detailed techniques that you can follow to take Silhouettes.  Here is a video that runs through various things to keep in mind while you mastering Silhouette photography…

Silhouettes stand out in many ways because of its simplicity and most importantly because of its storytelling power. Silhouettes convey drama, mystery, emotion and mood with ease. Personally, I love Silhouettes because it creates curiosity and imagination that make viewers to wonder. I think Silhouettes can create magic to the eyes for these few reasons…

Structures look compete in a silhouette frame


 Picture courtesy:Swapnil Nayak


 Portraits appear profound when they are blacked out


Picture courtesy: Rijoy Thobias

A skyline stands out in a silhouette shoot


Mother Nature shines beautiful against the light too


Picture courtesy: visualizeus.com

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