Chanakya’s Niti Says “Don’t Tell Your Secrets To Your Partner”.

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Chanakya’s Niti has been the counselor for intelligent people who want success. They want success with ease to overcome hurdles and problems. Build a new benchmark that no one has achieved which enables them to determine their progress. Even relationships are an essential part of social life. Many find it hard to maintain even though they want to develop a happy and smooth ongoing relationship. Chanakya’s Niti reminds us about the problems that love or married couple may face. It reminds us of the essential facts that should be kept in mind. Foremostly, never open up or tell your secrets to your partner even if you find each as a soul mate.

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Reasons never to tell your secrets According to Chanakya’s Niti

Chanakya has described the importance of privacy in each one of life. It is the respect to the privacy in a person’s life that does not allow to disclose all the secrets of either of the partners.

Tell your secrets but never about money

Money has been always considered to be necessary for business. When there is any relationship involved it is essential to keep the matters and dealing of money away from the relation. Give and take policies should be kept aside as at a time anyone partner may have to give more and others less. It can be a vice versa, that helps to support each other in one way or other.

Relationships should not be bounded into the periphery of money unless there are any chances of dishonesty. It gives a stronger bonding as well as develops trust.  But one should not confuse with sharing of achievements or success.

Chanakya’s Niti says “Your partner may not be able to solve issues”

Stress and worries can be for many reasons but it is always essential to try to solve the issues by yourself. Chanakya’s Niti describes it, as a rule, to keep your problems and issues as secrets away from family and partners. Often sharing worries and tensions develops unwanted stress for your partner.

Unless you can solve your problems it is always better to keep your problems away. It will give a tense ambiance and a place to relax in the space.

Keep your strength and abilities a secret

Never try to show your power and abilities as respect that develops through it can end in front of anyone more powerful. So, always try to have an easy-going behavior that can help you to find a suitable partner who will always have respect that can never decline. The bonding grows stronger without being dependent on the powers and abilities.

Relationships can be cherished with the indulgence of a few  Chanakya’s Nitis. Pointing out at the various perspectives to never express the secrets to their partner can help in growing a happy and long-term relationship. Even there may be differences in thoughts and lifestyles but maintaining privacy can help in building a stronger bond between the partners.

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