5 Lessons People Learn From Hostel Life

Here’s a list of a few important things hostel life teaches you. Read on!

Call this weird, but i admit that i have enjoyed each and every moment of my hostel life. The best thing that a hostel life teaches you is sharing. Be it an instrument required for your academics or a packet of maggi, sharing is something you thrive on, while in hostel life. Other than that here are a few other things hostel life teaches you. Read on!

Getting ready in less than 5 mins

While in hostel life the Sun doesn’t rise before 9 a.m; and it rises when it’s time for the first lecture. So the general tendency is to get up at 8.45, get freshened by 8.55, grab a textbook and pen(not compulsory), leave by 9 and reach class by 9.05 a.m.

Optimum utilisation of resources

When i say resources, i mean all kinds of resources. For a common bath kind of hostel, getting up and queuing in front of the eklauta washroom, using the same deodrant and other essential toiletries are a common thing.

Late Night studies

Jugaad is the term. So there’s always this person who has all the notes, this person who denies studying but still is the class topper and then there’s you who relies on the other two for the last night studies.

You cannot miss a reason for partying

Be it a bestie who has flunked in all the subjects, a friend who finally got a look back from his/her crush, a friend who just broke up or a friend who got an arm injured; you never fail to look for reasons to party.

Life is all about breaking rules

As the saying goes, “If you follow all the rules, you miss all the fun.” Mostly it turns out that people break just one rule- perm time i.e.- the time given by the hostel administration for the students to be back by.

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