You Will Never Find A Sikh Beg For Money Because Of This Reason!

You Never See A Sardarji Beg For Money

“You Never See A Sardarji Beg For Money”

Whenever you step out of the house and pass through the road, have you ever noticed that out of the people who are begging on the streets and squares, how many of them are Sikhs? You never see a sardarji beg for money.

You will hardly notice any person wearing a Turban and begging on the street.

And, you will be surprised to know that when our country splitted into 84 Sikh riots in which the community of Sikhs suffered the misery, many Sikhs later left begging completely. You will find the Sikh’s selling something on streets or involved into outdoor wages but you will never see them begging. The reason behind it is huge and it includes religious education and social pressure. Sikhism truly believes in eating and feeding others by doing a lot of hard-work.

If any Sikh is begging because of compulsion and he comes across any person of Sikh community, then instead of giving him money, he will shout him to discredit their religion. And in the end he will give him a small job so that he can make a living.

No matter what, he will not give him money at all.

In other religions giving money to the beggars in the name of donation is mainly considered as a matter of pride. But in the name of donation, some people offer so much money that the beggars don’t even have to beg for at-least 1 month. And because of such things, some people leave their job and starts begging too, and thus it not only affects individuals but it also proves to stigmatised the society.

At one side where the Sikh community tries their best to bring out the beggars out of begging and give them a good living, on the other side, some religions motivate people to beg more.

Well, it may surprise you that the Sikh community who avoid giving money to the beggars, they are the ones who give plenty of food in the name of donation. On one side, these people bring the sense of equality and on the other side they also offer food to all the hungry people. That’s why even though you visit places of Sikhism; you will never meet a beggar. If by chance you meet one or two then he must be doing it because of helplessness.

Therefore to build a society there is an important role of religion and to maintain a religion there is an important role of society.

Thus in our country to stop the growing numbers of beggars, we all must try to deal at the government level as well as at the society level.

In this society of begging, we all must try to stop giving them money in the name of religion.

Thus to eliminate begging from the country and free all the beggars from the society, Youngisthan has started a campaign.

Through articles, Youngisthan wants the readers to give their full positive support to completely make India beggar-free.

So, together we could contribute towards a better society and make India a beggar-free country.

I hope that now you know the exact reason behind why you never see a Sardarji beg for money. Any thoughts? Comment below. 

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