Why Our Police Officers Fear To Put All The Beggars In Jail?

Police Officers Fear Beggars

“Police Officers Fear Beggars”

The terror of beggars in this country is getting bigger day by day.

It has been extended to that point where not just the common man on the street, but even the policemen are afraid of beggars now. People associated with the police have a very poor experience with the beggars. There is a significant difference in between the early beggars and the recent ones. Earlier, the beggars used to beg only because they wanted to feed themselves.

But today, the people who beg are mostly related to drugs and not just one or two but many are even involved in groups. Several times, these beggars were even caught and the policemen took them in the jail as well. But even after leaving them, these beggars became so intoxicated that they need drugs at any cost.

If they don’t get the drugs, then they even act madly. It has been observed that whenever these beggars trouble the normal people, policemen put them in jail, but still, these beggars trouble the police officers as well.

These beggars even start shouting loudly.

Sometimes some beggars become unconscious whereas others are so high on drugs that foaming starts coming out of their mouth. Many times when this thing took place, the policemen thought that the beggars are creating dramas. Even to calm them down, policemen used small tricks. But when they observed that the beggars were out of control, they immediately contacted the doctors.

Because of fear, mainly the doctors think that if anything happens to the beggars then they will be blamed. However, these doctors revealed that such things are bound to happen with all the drug addicts. The doctors also said that either you bring them the drugs or let them bother you.

That’s why even the policemen avoid catching them because if they are forcefully put in the rehabilitation centre then somehow they tend to come out of it.

Not only that much, sometimes the addicted ones cut themselves using blades and cover themselves with blood, so that the police will not catch them. So, in such situations it becomes extremely difficult to deal with such beggars and at one point even the police officers fear beggars. Also when any incidents happen with beggars, then the policemen have to answer to the Human Rights Commission and the top executives. So what happens is that sometimes even the policemen are not able to take an effective action on the beggars.

In fact, in recent years, in different cities of the country the numbers of beggars have significantly increased a lot. Because of the growing numbers, not just the police administration but even the normal public is shocked and troubled.

Earlier, only one or two beggars were seen on the streets. But now, there are beggars in groups that consist of at-least 10-12 members. Even today it is an extremely tricky situation to deal with such beggars who are also drug addicts.

So, to make our country beggar-free and to stop all the drug abuse related to it, a strict law is needed.

To make India beggar-free, Youngisthan has started a campaign.

The purpose of this campaign is to bring public awareness and also pressurise the government to come forward in this direction and bring out a permanent good solution to this problem.

And Youngisthan also appeals the readers that they cooperate in the campaign to make India beggar-free.

Do you think that the police officers fear beggars? What are you views? Let us know in a comment below.

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