PM Narendra Modi Must Take These Important Steps To Make India Beggar Free!

India Beggar-Free

India Beggar-Free – If we want India to be known as a beggar-free country, then we will certainly have to take a concrete step now.

Earlier, India was once known as the country of snakes and snake charmers, and today India is known to be the country of beggars.

In Fact, if there is poverty in India then being a beggar also seems to be quite perfect. But, the main problem here is that many so-called beggars decide to form a gang and thus beggary then becomes a profession and not a helpless act.

To see it with your own eyes, visit all the main tourist places of India once and observe how these gangs of beggars have occupied all the places there. In many places, these beggars who are involved into gangs have facility like pick and drop. Shocking, right?

So, now let me tell you about the things that can be done by Narendra Modi to make India beggar-free.

  1. Check and Correction camp

In every state of the country, or in a state like Delhi, big camps should be made where the beggars must be kept locked. Later, these camp-oriented people must carefully try to improve these beggars and change their mind-set. Honestly, it is clearly impossible for these smart beggars to get improved within 1 year. Thus, these beggars must be given a proper treatment for years. In this time period, they must be taught about the importance of things like “self-respect”.

  1. The government must teach them skills

These beggars must learn to do some work and that’s why they should be taught something. By involving them into business or elsewhere, they must be linked to some service. Until and unless these beggars don’t learn how to work, the beggars will never get out of beggary. The problem is big, so with great and proper thinking government must come up with a plan.

  1. Gangs should be destroyed

These beggars highly have the support & power of gangs. These gangs are run by many large gang members from various cities. Beggar related gangs are never small. Such smart gangs can even handle all the crime related scenes across the state. In the day, all they do is begging, whereas in the night they turn out to be robbers and murderers. Thus, the gangs of these beggars should be eliminated as quickly as possible.

  1. Police should not be involved into this

The brutal truth is that our police clearly know who is behind this gang of beggars. But, police officers who are hungry for money never take any action on them. So, honestly, police will never help to destroy this problem. Therefore, we believe that our Modi government can wipe out these gangs within just one month.

Plus, crimes will also end up to a great extent.

  1. Ministry of beggar free India

If the Modi government wants to make India a beggar free country, then firstly a ministry should be formed and then the act of beggar free India should be prepared. First of all, the ministry will have to study the beggary problems from beginning to end. The work is not small as it seems, and if India actually becomes beggar-free, then the people of this country will remember Narendra Modi for years.

Make India Beggar-Free – >So in this way, India can be a beggar free country by these five essential steps. At the earliest, the government will be soon seen taking an action against the problem.


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