In Begging Business, This Is The Place Where The Eunuchs (Hijras) Bosses Around Fearlessly!

Hijras In Begging Business

Hijras In Begging Business – Delhi’s Anand Vihar Bus Terminal. It is about 6 o’clock in the morning.

Those who are coming to Delhi from outside are now catching up their own destination.

As soon as they sit in the bus, the crowd of Hijras come and surrounds them completely. This way, they arrive at the seats of each people sitting in the bus, and starts demanding high amount of money. Thus, this is how they all start to boss around people.

And then, in the name of beggary, they start their business of demanding money, and if someone refuses them then they start abusing openly.

This is how, in the wake of their fear and bossing, people give them money. The amount of money they mostly demand from each and every person is at-least Rs 5 or Rs 10. Thus, in within 3-4 minutes, they earn at-least Rs.100. After one ride, they tend to take other bus ride. In that bus too, this same scenario starts repeating.

Hijras In Begging Business

Let me tell you that there are a considerable number of passengers coming out from here in the morning, and that’s why there are many buses too.

Some rides are either coming from outside to Delhi or either some are going out from Delhi. In short, there are many buses lined up. Thus, the Hijras take high advantage of this thing. In this way, they surround mostly the outsiders and ask them for money. In people’s case, they easily get scared because of Hijras bad behavior, and thus instead of engaging to stop them, they silently give them money.

This situation is not just only with the bus terminal’s people but with also the people on railway stations.

Eunuchs mostly have gangs of 10-12 people, and that’s the main reason why people don’t like to fight with them, and they don’t even complain about them to the police. There are many police out there, who don’t listen to such talks, and mostly many travelers think that its better to give them 5 rupees rather than wasting time complaining in the police station.

In the business of begging, their courage of bossing around people is increasing day-by-day. Trust me; from buses to trains, you will see them forcibly charging money in the name of begging.

Now that you know so much about their bossing technique, then it’s worth mentioning that two years back, in Pune Patna Express, one Eunuch (Hijra) pushed a passenger outside from the moving train only because he refused to give him money.

Socking, isn’t it?

Therefore, it is seen that the Hijras not just demands money near railway stations and buses but they indecently insult passengers when they don’t give them any money. Some are so indecent, that they start dancing naked. In such a situation, the passengers are forced to pay money. If people fearlessly decide to come forward and protest, then these Hijras insult, abuse, and beat them badly.

According to some Eunuchs, there are many who are not really Hijras. Yes, in reality, the boys dress up like Hijras, and then they tend to ask money from the passengers.

In this way, Hijras in begging business keep bossing around people on streets, buses, and railway stations.

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