Youngisthan’s An Yearlong Campaign For Clean India – Diwali and Cleanliness in Every Home

Diwali is festival of light and cleanliness

This is a beautiful combination that Diwali is festival of light and cleanliness. This is like spring cleaning of West. After monsoon every home has to be cleaned as to get rid of dampness.

There is yearly painting and polishing to be done in every house. Consequently small insects and other harmful bacteria vanishes with this process.

Diwali is festival of light and cleanliness – Many homes have new colour schemes with changed curtains or furnishings. Few buy new furniture. Many buy new sets of decorations. Every house looks absolutely new and clean. There is fragrance and happiness in the air. This is done by all irrespective of their economic status. Everyone makes an extra effort to have clean home and new decors. People visit each other’s house to wish them happy Diwali.

Yes this is party time. Lights and diyas make the decor complete.

Therefore this is the golden opportunity to realise the dream of Hon’ble Prime Minister better known as ‘Swapan sé sidhi tak’.

We just have to make sure that the Divine Mother Lakshmi comes to all on Diwali and stays there for whole year.

This is true that the Mother Divine Lakshmi comes to clean space only and stays on provided there is Clean space everywhere around. You must have seen shopkeepers cleaning their space every morning. This can be replicated in every household also.

This is sure that where there’s cleanliness, there is no disease. This hygienic habits and healthy lifestyle go hand in hand. Thus the cleaning of every house with a sincere effort would lead to disease free life. This can be done easily if we maintain the clean space done and achoon Diwali. We have to make sure that our streets and homes shall remain clean even after Diwali.

When we have clean space, there is much lesser chances for conflict. Thus there shall be no conflict. In other words there shall be harmony.

This is the basic mantra for happiness and prosperity.

To keep the Mother Laxmi happy, harmony is the basic condition.

Harmony at physical level established by cleanliness creates harmony in mind and breathing also.

This is the condition to make a call or offer prayer to Mother Lakshmi.

Lakshmi demands harmony in mind and soul, harmony in word and thought and harmony in Matter and mind too. To bring Lakshmi our permanent guest and turning her from friends to family , this is precondition for Lakshmi to have clean spaces.

Therefore let there be call for everlasting cleanliness on Diwali to have Lakshmi forever.

Let the movement for cleanliness started on Diwali be continued every day till last breath.

We wish that movement for cleanliness started before Diwali to be continued everyday here after. And may Grace of Lakshmi be with you today and forever. May there be courage and strength to cherish harmony attained on Diwali.

Diwali is festival of light and cleanliness – May blessings be showered by Maa Lakshmi upon every one on Diwali and all through year. We shall continue with the Yearlong Campaign of Youngisthan for cleanliness. This year Lakshmi would come to be with us in our clean homes all through year.

Happy Diwali!

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