An Yearlong Campaign for Clean India – Basic Habit of Using Bin

Habit of using dustbin

Habit of using dustbin – Knowing your space is most significant key to success. This is a fundamental phenomenon that we live by our space-conscious mind. One tends to sleep comfortably in One’s own bed. And same person sleeps in train too making adjustment on narrow space of rail sleeper.

Our sub conscious mind works as guide. How do you feel at your working space/desk? How do you feel in your car or public transport?

Write down your experience please.

This becomes your gliding space to look back and make appropriate corrections. Open your diary and analyse whenever you feel uncomfortable somewhere. There may be some basic thing missing.

Have you ever looking for missing dustbin?

That’s the key point to clean India.

More people missing dustbin means cleaner India.

Yes! we need to inculcate the Habit of using dustbin naturally. The more we find children asking for dustbin at shops/ malls/ homes/ roads/ trains/buses/cars/parks/parking places/ lifts/ stairs/ mountains/ riversides/ by the banks of lakes/ beaches/ hospitals /clinics/restaurants/ chaatwalas or anywhere and everywhere.

This is basic necessity of civilised living style.

The smallest waste paper or peels of banana or groundnuts got to go to the dustbin straight way. There is no other alternative. Or you can carry back your garbage or waste material in your pocket/ handbag/ purse/ wallet or potli … choice is yours.

One thing is sure no space is free to absorb your garbage/ waste material or poo.

We all have to contribute to have bins everywhere. These bins got to be kept at such points which are quite central and easy to approach and access. This must carry well acquainted color/ symbol and at reasonable height.

The panchayat or municipal authority can play positive role in this direction. These authorities can raise funds for the same either by voluntary contribution or collecting fine imposed for such violations of rules and regulations which cause cluttering space.

We want to develop model clean space. That’s possible only when everyone is in Habit of using dustbin in a natural manner.

Let’s join hands to have bins on every road at the distance of not more than twenty five meters and at every corner of space used by civilised people.

Civilisations carry on for many centuries to come. We claim to be the most ancient civilisation which had best of irrigation and drainage system and definitely most efficient garbage management system now onwards.

Vani Subramanian commented on my link posted last Monday October 2, 2017:

‘The other day a shopkeeper in Sarojini Nagar market was throwing all the shop garbage on the road and I chided him for it especially since I saw a big garbage bin a few feet away. His answer was “utni door kaun jayega” “aur woh bahut Jaldi bhar Jaata hai”

So his solution is to throw the garbage at us customers walking on the road!!!!!’

This is an eye opener experience shared by our friend that there is no other solution to take up tough task in the most easy manner: let us inculcate ” Basic Habit to Use Bin” for sure by one and all.

Please share your experience and be valuable partner in ‘An Yearlong Campaign for Clean India.’

Looking forward to speaking on next Monday!

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