Basic Rules For Covid-19 Positive To Follow At Home Quarantine


The end of 2019 and the beginning of 2020 has initiated with a worsening pandemic Covid-19. In order to fight with the disease and recover at the fast pace the guidelines and rules for the treatment of the Covid-19 affected patients at-home quarantine.

The viral infection is considered dangerous because it has the tendency of spreading through fomites that can survive on different materials for the different time span. Fomite is not possible to be seen by naked eyes and so it will be most certain when you are attacked by the virus through the foreign particles that enter your body.

The spreading of diseases has been multiplying that hospitals and care centers both private and government organizations are exhausting due to the uncontrollable increases of disease. But if the detection of Covid-19 is at the earliest then it is for sure that you do not have to panic nor any severity of the disease will be realized. This is the reason home quarantine has been allowed with a certain necessary following of rules:

The first criterion for the patients for home isolation is that the person should have a mild case or may be suffering from the pre-symptoms of the virus infection as stated by the medical officers. So, whenever you have the symptom of fever with a light bitterness in taste while eating food, it is mandatory that you should consult a doctor. But if no medical officer is ready to prescribe you can go yourself for a test to clear your doubt.

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You should have enough space at home so that the patient can be taken for home isolation and the other family members can be kept away from the contact of the patient.  For patients, those who do not have good space will have to transfer them to the organizations or centers for proper care.  The patient will have to sign annexure 1 after which home isolation will be permitted.

After the space provided to the patient, it is important to have a caretaker who will be looking after as maybe there are mild symptoms but the treatment through medicines and proper food intake is essential.  But for the person or family member who will take care should have the PPE and also be aware of the sanitizing processes. Covid-19 has a high affinity to spread and so proper PPE and sanitary products should be available.

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Hydroxychloroquine prophylaxis is necessary to be used by the caregiver as it is in the protocol. Know about the entire procedure to use during the quarantine period from the medical officer.

Nothing new to know about the  Arogya Setu app for all of us as we should have to an app downloaded to know about the present situation of COVID -19 around the area.home quarantine -3

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Regular calls should be attended by the patient describing providing information about health to the surveillance teams. The regular follow up is carried by the district surveillance teams and the patient will be able to respond to information about a health condition.

For further assistance, you should look into the Annexure-II from the concerned  Covid-19 government website for home quarantine.  Home quarantine is allowed until any severity but in a worsened condition, you will have to seek medical attention.

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