11 Things That Instantly Make You LESS Attractive!


If you think good looks, chiseled body and happening clothes can make any one attractive and enticing, then you have wrong notions.

Of course these traits adds on to  attraction factor  but certain traits and habits of some good looking men and women make them appear like a ‘duh’.

Below are some things that instantly make you less attractive!

  1. Being rude and complaining way too much.

Nobody would like you to be rude towards anybody, especially, when you behave badly to service industry people. How someone treats people tell a lot about their personality.

  1. When they smell awful.

Anybody will feel disgusted if they meet people who smell terrible.

  1. When they have no passion or goals in life.

Your attitude towards life and career can actually make you appear in good or bad light. Being dependent is very big turn off for any one.

  1. When guys try to be like others and not yourself.

Being yourself, accepting the way you are or loving thyself is more attractive than concealing your own identity. If you are vying to be some other in order to create a good impression then you are on a wrong path.

  1. Lazy for anything and everything.

If you are the chairman of the lazy club then you should know that this is not a good post at all. Being a doormat is not at all appreciated. So thwart that passive mode and get going now.

  1. Over confident or not at all confident

No one would agree that they are over confident or not confident. So if you ever behave like one then you must stop it right away.

  1. Argumentative- no matter what we will defy all.

Person who get easily offended and find most of things offensive let us make hit that turn off button.

  1. Who likes to shout at top of the voice with a shrill tone!

This trait is very important as high pitched tone is hated by all. Try and lower your voice in all situations so that you can appear sane and attractive every time.

  1. When they behave as Mr. /Ms. I Know It All  (and also those are close minded).

People who showcase themselves as if they are best in everything and know everything must stop doing it. Instead one should be humble enough to stand up and say that they do not know or ready to learn.

  1. Who are married to their phones!

People who have their heads always in their PCs, laptops ans mobile can make any one annoy. If you really want to be welcomed by all then one should stop being glued to your mobile screens.

  1. Way too Judgmental and Pessimist!

Those who have pre-conceived notions on everything and who are too pessimist in almost every situation.

One should not only put their effort into their presentation and their looks but also in their behavior to be attractive till eternity.


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